Scholarship & Tuition Assistance Programs

BAU wants every student to succeed. Therefore, the university offers a variety of scholarships and tuition assistance to qualified students. A specified number of scholarships are available every year.  These programs are for tuition only and do not apply to student fees or living expenses. 

Merit-based Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance is awarded based on the cumulative application: Exam scores, GPA, letters of recommendation, essay, extracurricular activities, etc. Click HERE for more information!

Global Scholarship Exam (GSE) Scholarship

-This scholarship is earned by taking the GSE in your home country. 
(Currently ONLY offered in Mongolia), click HERE for more information!

Tuition Assistance for DMV Applicants

– This scholarship is earned by submitting an additional scholarship essay with your application.
– Click HERE to see if you qualify!

Institutional Agreements

BAU makes agreements with governments, embassies, government offices, NGOs, and private companies and other educational institutions (Bahcesehir and Ugur Educational Institutions, Mentora College, etc) . During the student’s application process, they can consult with the admissions officer to see if there is an institutional agreement signed with their institution.

Our alumni get 35% tuition assistance if they pursue a second degree with BAU.

Click HERE to see if you qualify!

FIRST Robotics Program

Bay Atlantic University is proud to support ambitious STEM degree-seeking students. This year BAU will grant scholarships to students who have participated in the FIRST Robotics Program for a full season. Click HERE to see if you qualify!

James Wormley Full-Tuition Scholarship:

This scholarship, named after Washington DC’s prominent 19th century African American entrepreneur and educator, will be awarded to 5 high-achieving students from DC’s Public and Public Charter schools to attend Bay Atlantic University.

Requirements in Maintaining Scholarship

Students who earn a scholarship of any category should meet the following criteria to maintain the scholarship:

1) Continuously enroll in courses to meet graduation requirements (unless taking an approved Leave of Absence), and
2) Maintain a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.0 at Undergraduate and 3.0 at Graduate level for any semester, and
3) Avoid any disciplinary action for any reason. In addition to these, if the scholarship or tuition assistance is awarded to the student for any reason other than the standardized exam scores and the student withdraws from the enrolled program in order to transfer to another higher education institution, the student is required to pay the tuition amount back to BAU for all course credits completed since the scholarship or tuition assistance was awarded.

Tuition Assistance Re-evaluation

Undergraduate students who complete 15 credits and graduate students who complete 9 credits at BAU after their initial scholarship or tuition assistance was granted can request a re-evaluation.


  1. Loss of Income (Self of Sponsor)
  • Loss or change of employment    
  • Note: A change in student’s aid eligibility will likely not occur if:    
    •    The person who lost employment has currently been rehired and is earning a similar or higher salary than two years prior
    •    The loss or change to income was not significant
  • Divorce/Separation of parents/spouse     
  • Change of marital status for dependent students 
  • Death of parent(s) or spouse       
  • Excessive out of pocket medical and/or dental expenses that exceed 11% of household’s Adjusted Gross Income   
  • One-time taxable income (IRA disbursement, pension distribution, etc)     
  1. Additional Expense (Self or Sponsor)
  • Receipts must be dated within the time of enrollment in the current academic year. This will not be reviewed if the expenses occurred before the first day of the semester in which you are enrolled.         
  • Additional/Unforeseen Extended Family Support   
  • Additional/Unforeseen Private School Tuition Expenses      
  • Unusual Debts – Recreational or discretionary credit card will not be considered    
  • Excessive out of pocket medical and/or dental expenses that exceed 11% of household’s Adjusted Gross Income  



(1) Complete the Student Reference Form, and have your professor or academic advisor fill it out and submit to the scholarship committee

Please download the reference form here: (1.1) Student Reference Form for Re-Evaluation

(2) Fill out the application for tuition assistance re-evaluation

Please download the application form here: (1.2) 23-24 BAU Re-evaluation Form.

(2) Bank Statement (last 6 months)

(3) University Payment Records (from BAU Financial Department)

(4) Additional documents to verify the circumstance(s) for re-evaluation above

(5) Extracurricular Activities:

Evidence of participation/completion and time commitment to extracurricular activities.

(6) Community Services:

Demonstrate your impact on your school, work, religious, local or other community. This could include volunteer history, ongoing or multiple instances of serving in their community, or ongoing advocacy/awareness efforts.

(7) Submit your completed application to  by the following deadlines:




July 1


October 1


April 1


  • Only submit your completed application once you have collected all required documents. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
  • If plagiarism (above 10%), AI writing assistance, or any willful dishonesty is found in the application, it will automatically be rejected. Each student can only apply for the tuition assistance re-evaluation ONCE during their program.

Disclaimer and policy:

All prospective and current students may apply for a BAU Institutional Scholarship or tuition assistance, regardless of their nationality, enrollment status (part or full time), or academic history. In awarding scholarships, we do take financial need into consideration, but our scholarship system is based primarily on merit (demonstrated academic achievement or other personal accomplishments). Scholarships are determined by the Scholarship Committee, which meets weekly (biweekly during holiday seasons) to review applications and award scholarships for the following academic semester. Application results are emailed to all applicants.  

*For more information about scholarship and tuition assistance opportunities, or to request application materials, please contact our Admissions team at [email protected]

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Phuong Do

I love the experience here at Bay Atlantic University. The university is in the center of Washington D.C., the capital of the US. My friends and I have a wonderful time here at BAU and love the learning experience. It is really an honor to study in a high quality university that gives us top notch education, paving the way for success in our future careers.

Enkhjinzaya Ganbold

I love the fact that the university is so diverse.

Izel Ugur

The professors at Bay Atlantic University are diverse, not only in terms of their international backgrounds, but also their professional backgrounds. Being able to hear how the theories connect to their real-life experiences has been invaluable to my studies.

Qazi Khan

It is great to be a part of such an international environment in my everyday life because it has provided me with a different perspective of the world. And now I have good friends from many different countries.

Uyanga Batsukh

After completing the MBA Entrepreneurship program at BAU, I feel more confident in taking the next step towards starting my own business.

Daniel Giraldo

Great location, great staff, and great learning experience. Qualified teachers with an extended work experience.

Aghamirza Fazel

It has been a great experience here at BAU. Especially learning from the professors who are great and very helpful at any given circumstance. They are always friendly.

Mauricio Facciolla

I had great professors who taught me important skills and concepts that I applied daily in my job. These skills helped me to grow and stand out in the company I work for. The location and the building are awesome, providing great experiences. The student body is very diverse; great to learn about different cultures.

Phuong Vo, Vietnam

“I am a normal girl, but I have a big ambition. That’s living the truest and most beautiful life. I think the risk is always better than the regret. I am happy to be here at BAU and living a life I have always dreamed of. I prayed faithfully and worked hard for this opportunity. Moreover, thank you so much my beloved family for all their unlimited support and unconditional love. Thank you BAU for this opportunity!”