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Bay Atlantic University offers the following bachelor’s degrees:

Learn essential skills in management, marketing, and finance, while gaining insights into today’s evolving business landscape.
Explore the dynamic world of money, banking, and global trade, focusing on topics like resource allocation, investment decisions, financial markets, and more!
Learn from expert DC lecturers, gain insights from case studies, and engage in hands-on experience in strategic planning, policy-making, and global negotiations.
Equip yourself with comprehensive communication skills, technological know-how, and project management expertise.
Discover the full spectrum of software engineering from analysis to maintenance and prepare for diverse roles in a growing global market.

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Bay Atlantic University is committed to providing a strong general education program to its undergraduate students. BAU views general education as a significant way of providing students with the foundational skills in writing, critical thinking, ethics, technology, mathematics, and the sciences that are needed for success in careers and as global citizens.

General Education Learning Objectives

After completing the general education requirements, students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate effective communication in various contexts, using appropriate verbal, non-verbal and written skills, to express ideas, exchange information and engage in meaningful interactions.
2. Develop proficiency in numerical analysis, data interpretation, and scientific and mathematical reasoning to solve problems, make informed decisions, and interpret data in different contexts.
3. Critically analyze social issues, identify personal roles and responsibilities as global citizens, and actively engage in ethical decision-making to develop an understanding of social responsibility and the importance of creating a just and sustainable society.
4. Develop and demonstrate information and digital literacy.
5. Demonstrate critical and analytical thinking skills through a comprehensive exploration of issues that engages in thoughtful analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of information, ideas, and arguments across diverse disciplines and contexts.

General Education Requirements

Breadth of knowledge is a foundational element of the American higher education tradition. As such, all BAU undergraduate students are expected to complete the following general education requirements, in addition to the core requirements and electives. A student’s core requirements may not apply toward general education requirements.

The requirements are categorized in three broad areas: Humanities, Mathematics & Sciences, and Social Sciences. In total, these general education requirements fulfill 42 credits.

Humanities Requirement

Humanities Cluster

Course Code Course Name Pre-requisites Credit
ENGL 121 English Composition I*   3
ENGL 122 English Composition II* ENGL 121 3
ENGL 123 Academic Writing* ENGL 122 3
HIST 166 Atlantic History   3
HIST 170 U.S. History   3
HIST 180 World History and Civilizations   3
POLS 121 US Government   3
PHIL 200 Ethics ** (cannot be counted for gen ed)   3
SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish I   3
SPAN 121 Elementary Spanish Il SPAN 101 3
TURK 101 Elementary Turkish I   3
TURK 121 Elementary Turkish Il TURK 101 3

Mathematics and the Sciences Requirement

To complete the Mathematics and the Sciences requirement, students must complete 12 credits (4 courses) in this cluster. College Algebra is required in addition to 9 credits (3 courses) that may be selected from the cluster.

Mathematics and Sciences Cluster

Course Code Course Name Pre-requisites Credit
CMPS 110 Introduction to Computer Science*   3
BIOL 100 Introduction to Biology   3
CHEM 100 Introduction to Chemistry   3
ENVS 105 Introduction to Environmental Science   3
MATH103 College Mathematics   3
MATH104 College Algebra* MATH103 or 2 years of HS algebra with a minimum grade of C 3
Math 110 Introduction to Statistics   3
MATH 128 Linear Algebra   3
MATH 131 Calculus 1 MATH 104 3
MATH 132 Calculus Il MATH 131 3
MATH 140 Discrete Mathematics   3
MATH 212 Numerical Analysis MATH 132 3
PHYS 200 Introduction to Physics MATH 103 3

Social Sciences Requirement

To complete the Social Sciences requirement, students must complete 15 credits (6 courses) in this cluster. UNIV 100, and UNIV 400 are required and the remaining 12 credits (4 courses) can be selected from the cluster.

Social Sciences Cluster

Course Code Course Name Pre-requisites Credit
COMM 101 Fundamentals of Public Speaking   3
COMM 220 Interpersonal Communication   3
COMM 250 Literacy in the Age of Fake News   3
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology   3
SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology   3
UNIV 100 First Year Seminar*   1
*denotes a required course
**requirements of all undergraduate programs” should be available for all the requirements pages, not just Social Sciences


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