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Who can apply for the Merit-based Tuition Assistance?

All students are eligible.

How can I apply for the Merit-based Tuition Assistance?

Students must complete and submit the Scholarship/Tuition Assistance Application Form


APPLICATION ACCEPTED TEST SCORES (Supplemental Documents – Not required for admission)

  1. If applying to Undergraduate programs: SAT, ACT
  2. applying to Graduate programs: GMAT, GRE

EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES (Supplemental Documents – Not required for admission)

Evidence of participation/completion and time commitment to extracurricular activities. Please include detailed information about your extracurricular involvements, emphasizing the time you have devoted to each activity. Highlight how these experiences have contributed to your personal growth and development.

COMMUNITY SERVICE (Supplemental Documents – Not required for admission)

Demonstrate a clear and significant impact on your school, work, religion, local, or other communities. This can encompass an extensive history of volunteer work, ongoing service, or advocacy efforts. Provide specific examples of programs, individuals, or experiences that illustrate your meaningful contributions to your community.

LETTER OF INTENT (Required for tuition assistance applications)

Describe in detail how your academic coursework and extracurricular experiences have significantly influenced and shaped your career aspirations.

Instructions: Discuss how these experiences have clarified your career goals and provided you with valuable skills, insights, and knowledge that you believe will be instrumental in your success within your chosen field. Provide specific examples of how these experiences have prepared you for your intended career path and highlight any significant achievements or milestones you have reached as a result of your proactive efforts.

The letter of intent should be between 250 – 500 words.

PROOF OF FINANCIAL NEEDS (Required for tuition assistance applications)

Applicants must submit their or their sponsor’s monthly or annual income statement.

SCHOLARSHIP ESSAY (Required for tuition assistance applications)

  1. Must follow the essay prompts
  2. 500-750 words, 12 pt. Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced (2.0), and must have clear paragraphing.
  3. Must have the student’s full name and signature
  4. No plagiarism, AI assistance, willful dishonesty (Automatic Rejection) Suggested plagiarism checker tools: HERE or HERE

For non-DC-MD-VA residents or international students with a student visa:

Choose ONE of the following prompts:
  1. BAU is looking for global citizens who want to have a lasting impact not only on their own communities but the global community as well. How will you practice Global Citizenship at BAU and in the local community? How will you continue to be a Global Citizen in your country and community after completing your education at BAU? What difference do you want to make in the world?
  2. Throughout your studies, you may come across many trials and tribulations in your life. Recount an incident or time when you experienced failure in your life. How did it affect you, and what lessons did you learn? How will those lessons contribute to your growth in your studies and career?

For DC–MD–VA residents (permanent residents, citizens, refugees, asylum seekers with proof of residency):

How will you use your college education to impact your community?
IMPORTANT NOTICE: During the admission process, if we discover any instance of plagiarism, the use of AI writing assistance, or any deliberate dishonesty in any part of your application, your scholarship or tuition assistance application will be automatically rejected. Bay Atlantic University reserves the right to withdraw any previously granted tuition assistance or scholarship decision if such violations are detected at a later stage.

*More questions? Contact your academic advisor or email [email protected]



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