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Social Life

BAU is located right at the political and cultural center of the nation’s capital, just two blocks from the White House. Centrally located, BAU students are able to travel to and have access to all of the wonderful attraction the city and area have to offer. The Director of Student Services organizes and announces events, field trips, and excursions for students. Students keep up with all of the activities offered on BAU’s website and student bulletin boards on campus.

We understand students have different needs and interests, so we have various activities, events, and clubs available, including sporting, theater, and concert events, museum visits, book club, cooking club, volunteer work, social hours, holiday parties/potlucks, and many more!

Being a diverse community, the department of student services organize events such as workshops and social activities to raise awareness of different cultures, inclusion, and tolerance. Some examples are celebrating Lunar New Year, Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, and other religious festivities. Student services host events to educate about domestic celebrations such as pumpkin carving for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Tree trimming, and Christmas Holiday Party.

Student Clubs

Student organizations make up a vibrant part of intercultural campus life where students can build camaraderie with other students and faculty within the University community. Students may organize and participate in clubs that reflect a diversity of interests. Currently, there are nine clubs: film, book, music, soccer, yoga, conversation, photography, dance, and arts.

Students can create their own clubs following the criteria below:

1. Each organization/club should have a minimum of 10 members.
2. The club/organization should also have a Lead in which he/she oversees monthly meetings and develop a budget.
3. Each member of the club/organization should be in good academic standing.
4. Clubs/Organizations that have no active members for an academic year will be considered inactive.
5. Each club/organization must submit the form for creating a club/organization to the Director of Student Services within the Fall semester of an academic year.

New Student Club Application Form


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