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Bay Atlantic University is a non-profit university of higher education. The control of university operations rests with its governing board: Board of Trustees. The main function of the Board, as described in the bylaws, is twofold: to develop policies for the advancement of Bay Atlantic University, and to support the president/CEO of the university with the implementation of those policies. Although the Board is responsible for assuring that all university departments comply with the policies, procedures, and regulations of all state, federal and accreditation agencies, it does not participate in the details of daily operations and institutional management, which are delegated to the university president. The board appoints the President/CEO of the university who is responsible for the overall management and accountable to the Board.

The Board gathers formally two times a year and the Board committees hold additional meetings at least two times a year to prepare and present reports to the Board.

The President/CEO delegates specific responsibilities to members of the chief officers and direct reports. Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Academic Officer (CAO), Chief Growth Officer (CGO). Each member of the administrative staff is fully accountable for the operation of the respective department of the university. The CFO oversees the financial affairs. Chief Academic Officer and Institutional Effectiveness is responsible for the overall leadership, management, and organization of the university’s academic affairs. Chief Growth Officer is responsible for the marketing and admissions operations. Other direct reports to the President are Director of Student Services, Director of I.T., Director of Human Resources, Director of Outreach and Partnerships, and Director of Mentora College, ESL Program.


BAU Governance Guide

Bay Atlantic University is a member of
Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB).



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