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Bay Atlantic University is proud to announce its partnership with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA). BAU participates in WMATA’s University Pass Program, which allows unlimited access to metrorails and metrobuses throughout the semester for full-time BAU students.


How does it work?

The U-Pass program allows students matriculating in a degree seeking program to use unlimited metro services for a flat fee of $1 per day during the academic calendar year.

Benefits of U-Pass

  • BAU students on average spend between $80 – $200 per month on transportation to and from school. Under the U-Pass Program, students will pay just $28.75 per month.
  • The U-Pass Program encourages shared transportation, and thus, helps reduce traffic congestion and reduce CO2 emissions.
  • BAU has numerous metrobus and metrorail stations located just minutes from campus, allowing for quicker and easier commutes.

FAQ about U-Pass

Can my family use my U·Pass?

The U·Pass cannot be used by anyone other than the student to whom the card is issued, is non-transferable and may be confiscated by WMATA if misused. WMATA reserves the right to request a school ID to verify the card holder.

Can I transfer funds from my SmartTrip® card to my U·Pass?

At this time you may not combine SmartTrip® funds with your U·Pass card.

Will students with disabilities who already have discounted fares have to pay for U·Pass?

Students with disabilities who receive free Metro Access will not have to pay for this program.

Will online students who don’t live in the Washington, D.C. region have to pay for a U·Pass?

Online students are not included in the U·Pass program regardless of their location. Online programs have separate fees and semester timelines that do not make them compatible with this program.

I commute to school by car–does the University Pass have any benefits for me?

The University Pass gives you an opportunity to get out of your car and reduce transportation costs, increase eco-mobility options, reduce congestion and emissions, avoid traffic congestion, and save on parking, gas and upkeep. We hope the program will encourage students who drive to change to Metro. Also, we know that many students use Uber and they can choose the pass as a less costly alternative.

*For more information about the U-Pass Program, please contact Director of Student Services, Renee McKie, at [email protected].



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