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Students have the right to play a clearly defined and significant role in the formation and application of institutional policy affecting both academic and student affairs. The best means to play this role is through a democratic student government. Therefore, the graduate students of Bay Atlantic University have formed a student government and have ratified its Constitution.

The mission of Bay Atlantic University’s SGA is: “to empower students as the official voice of BAU’s student body. We aim to celebrate cultural diversity, protect the interests and rights of students, and further efforts to advance their development.”

This mission statement manifests itself through a spirit of cooperation and professionalism between the SGA and the University. This mission statement also serves as the ideological foundation for all work done through committees.

Student Government Election

The general requirement for each position include:

  • Student must be an active student.
  • Students must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA to participate in Student Government Association.
  • Students must show excellent writing and communications skills.
  • Students exhibit a strong sense of responsibility, reflected in class preparedness, participation and timeliness on assignments.
  • Student Government Association is an extra curricular activity and student officers will be expected to participate outside of class hours.
  • Students must list other extracurricular activities that may interfere or effect their position as an officer.
  • Students must have the recommendation of two individuals; a faculty member and a student peer.

Student Government Application Form

Reference Letter for Student Government Officer Position

Student Government Association Constitution

*For more information or to arrange a visit, please contact our Director of Student Services, Renee McKie, at [email protected].



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