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Cybersecurity means implementing practices to protect networks, systems, and programs from hackers or digital attacks. They are meant to change, access, or destroy information that may be sensitive, extorting money from unassuming victims, stealing one’s identity, or stopping certain business operations from being performed.


Cyber attacks are a common occurrence, and the people who penetrate systems are only becoming better at finding ways to disable any safeguards. The only way to prevent a cyber attack is to ensure the proper cybersecurity measures, and that’s where you come in.

Why Study Cybersecurity?

Cyberattacks are a common occurrence worldwide, with a reported cyber attack occurring in the United States every 39 seconds. As a result of breaches on the person, company, and even government devices, cybersecurity is a growing career. 


Cyberattacks are committed in many different ways, for example, someone could use an easily cracked password or security information when they are logging into a bank or other type of account. There are several reasons to study cybersecurity, and we’ve listed 7 of them.

Cybersecurity jobs are on the rise

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is projecting that there will be a growth of 28% in employment for information security analysts in the next five years. The growing need for information security analysts is the growth of cyberattacks and the increasing harm they are doing to individuals, companies, and even the governments. 


Some cities and towns will have a more pressing need for employment in the area of cybersecurity. If you are not sure of the demand in your area, there are tools that can help determine the cybersecurity needs in the particular area where you live.

A plethora of job opportunities to choose from

There are several job opportunities for you to choose from when you hold a degree in cybersecurity, such as digital forensics, cyber warfare, or you can always delve into the inner workings of the dark web. The job opportunities will vary depending on your technical background. You could work on operational data, network security, or work as an ethical hacker.


There are several opportunities to advance and more than enough different projects to work on in the meantime.

Plenty of opportunities to show your hero side

Imagine how Superman feels ripping off his nerd glasses, tearing off his shirt, and flying toward the bad guys to stop a crime. Pretty amazing, right? As someone who has studied cybersecurity, you will get the same feeling of racing to someone’s aid and taking down a hacker in real life.


The people you help when working on information technology may not know who you are or that someone protected them from anything at all, and that’s when you know your job was done well. Allowing an individual, business, or large government to go about their daily tasks without worry may not offer you recognition, but you will know it was a job well done.

You get to grow in your cybersecurity career

There is plenty of room for growth in a cybersecurity career. Begin your career with a role as a security administrator, network engineer, or system administrator. You can even master ethical hacking skills with certifications and special training and do hacking for the greater good.


Further, you can move up to a senior penetration tester, security architect, or security consultant. 

Leave an impact on the world

As a cybersecurity specialist, you will be helping to impact the world and the people in it by preventing the attackers from invading their personal information or distorting information. 


There have been breaches in such highly secured facilities as the White House in Washington, DC. So, who is to say you won’t be the next security specialist to prevent a national disaster. Sometimes it won’t be so grand an assignment, but even helping a family keep their financial information safe can be just as important to them.


You may not be the one to affect the whole world but it’s guaranteed you help enough to make an impact on someone’s life.

You’ll get to solve puzzles

If you have detective skills but don’t have the stomach for police work, this might be the perfect opportunity for you. Figure out technical and logical puzzles and find solutions as a cybersecurity specialist. 


As a good guy, you need to get into systems from both angles – breaking in and preventing things from being broken into. To stop the hackers from getting into secured networks, you need to think like them but come out on the light side.


Be a part of the solution by preventing cyber hackers from imposing the problem. There is no shortage of opportunities to implement and upgrade technologies to help keep people safe, whether a retired couple or a large corporation.

You won’t know the feeling of getting bored

There is no such thing as consistency in cybersecurity other than consistent change. Every day, hackers find new ways to breach security and steal information, making the job of a security specialist ever-changing.


Every day offers new challenges to prevent systems from becoming targeted and ensuring there are proper safeguards. Software publishers and OEMs discovered ways to avoid the acquisition of user data.


To keep up with new theft methods, you need to keep learning every day and get into the mind and want of the attacker. 

Bottom Line

There are many reasons hackers want to break into secure networks worldwide; a cybersecurity analyst needs to work hard to keep a step ahead of them and prevent them from happening.


Hackers are capable of destroying lives and manipulating information, as a cybersecurity specialist, you can prevent that. When it comes to protecting the information and data of millions of people, it could rest on your shoulders if you’re willing to wear the cape.


Cybersecurity is a career that you can be proud of, interested in, and with ever-changing scenarios, never run out of opportunities to grow. If these reasons to study cybersecurity appeal to you, then you need to begin your education today as part of our Master’s program in Cybersecurity




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