Tuition & Fees


Tuition per credit for the 2022-2023 Academic Year:

Student Type Tuition Amount
Master’s Student $1,125 per credit 
Bachelor’s Student $595 per credit


Annual Tuition for a full-time schedule* for the 2022-2023 Academic Year:

Student Type Tuition Amount
Master’s Student $20,250 / year
Bachelor’s Student $17,850 / year

*A full time master’s schedule is 3 courses per semester and a full time bachelor’s schedule is 5 courses per semester.

Description Fee
Application/Admissions Fees (non-refundable)  
Application fee $45
Deferral fee $45
Deposit fees (only refundable if visa is denied) $200 admission confirmation, $1500 tuition deposit
Mandatory Semester Fees  
Student activities and services fee $125
Technology fee $135
Mandatory one-time Fees  
Student ID card $18
As-applicable Fees  
Late registration fee $75
English Proficiency Test $35
Replacement Student ID card $18
Transcript processing fee $10 (per transcript)
Returned check fee $30
Late payment fee $25
Cancellation fee* $100
International postage of documents $130
Cap and Gown Fee $130
Diploma / Graduation fee $100
Diploma Replacement fee $100
Administrative Services Fee** $1,500

*When students cancel their enrollment within 3 business days of the beginning of a semester

**Only students who receive full tuition assistance or scholarship of any kind defined in the tuition assistance and scholarship section are required to pay.


BAU professors make every effort to keep the cost of books down by using books, textbooks, and articles that are available through BAU’s online library and providing students with links to readings through itslearning (BAU’s LMS), whenever possible. Nonetheless, the cost range of textbooks for per semester can reach or exceed $200.

It is the responsibility of students to be prepared for class which means they must have all required course materials and texts no later than Week 1 Day 7. Due to copyright laws, sections of the text, other than materials authorized by the publisher such as PowerPoints, problem solutions, etc., cannot be scanned and posted to the classroom or emailed by either the faculty or students. 


If a student elects to withdraw from specific course(s) or withdraw completely from the University, the following refund schedule will be used to determine any outstanding financial obligation for which the student may be responsible.

Time of written notice of withdrawal

Tuition refund*

Up until three business days prior to 1st day of the semester

100% of tuition paid

From within 3 business days of the start of the semester through 25% of the semester

50% of tuition paid

From 25% through 50% of the semester

25% of tuition paid

After 50% of the semester

No refund

* Excludes all mandatory fees and deposits, which are non-refundable. For assistance or information on applying, please contact our Admission team at [email protected]

Please check out the BAU Academic Catalog for more details and other related information.


  • The referred student must put the referrer’s full name in the “How did you hear about us?” section in their application form.
  • Once the student successfully registers and begins classes, the referrer must submit the BAU Referral Form.
  • Referral fee payment will be made 45 days after the referred student successfully registers and begins classes.


  • Students transferring from institutions within the BAU and Mentora network do not qualify for the referral program.
  • Referred students must be in good standing with the bursar’s office at the time of issuing of referral fee payment.
  • Payment will be made in the form of credits applied towards the referrer’s tuition and fees.
  • If applicable, taxes will be withheld.



As a BAU Student Ambassador, students receive $500 per newly referred student through the referral program, as well as additional Ambassador Perks, including:

  • Free BAU merchandise
  • Meet new people including fellow ambassadors, prospective students, BAU faculty and staff, and community members
  • Work and have fun with fellow BAU students during campus activities and events
  • Gain valuable job and life skills
  • Learning & training opportunities
  • Great resume builder
  • 5% additional tuition assistance each semester you are selected as an active ambassador!



  • Send an email application to  with the subject: Your Name – BAU Ambassador Application – Semester & Year.
  1. Please complete the BAU Ambassador Application Form
  2. Attach your class schedule for the upcoming semester, if available. You may print your schedule by accessing your OIS account
  • Selected applicants will be contacted to attend an interview. 5 ambassadors are selected each semester.
  • Selected BAU Ambassadors will be given training sessions to become BAU student representatives!
  • Share your experience with new students, and enjoy your Ambassador Perks!



  • Ambassadors must be able to show an understanding of the application and enrollment process at BAU to guide prospective students through the process
  • Ambassadors must always represent Bay Atlantic University in a respectful and professional manner
  • Ambassadors are selected each semester. Selected students must be in good academic and financial standing at the time of selection
  • Plagiarism, AI writing assistance, or any willful dishonesty may be cause for immediate rejection of the application and any previous offer for the Ambassador Program will be rescinded
  • Incomplete applications will not be evaluated
Be an Innovator,
Be a Leader,

Complete this form and a BAU Admission Advisor will contact you and provide further assistance.

Phuong Do

I love the experience here at Bay Atlantic University. The university is in the center of Washington D.C., the capital of the US. My friends and I have a wonderful time here at BAU and love the learning experience. It is really an honor to study in a high quality university that gives us top notch education, paving the way for success in our future careers.

Enkhjinzaya Ganbold

I love the fact that the university is so diverse.

Izel Ugur

The professors at Bay Atlantic University are diverse, not only in terms of their international backgrounds, but also their professional backgrounds. Being able to hear how the theories connect to their real-life experiences has been invaluable to my studies.

Qazi Khan

It is great to be a part of such an international environment in my everyday life because it has provided me with a different perspective of the world. And now I have good friends from many different countries.

Uyanga Batsukh

After completing the MBA Entrepreneurship program at BAU, I feel more confident in taking the next step towards starting my own business.

Daniel Giraldo

Great location, great staff, and great learning experience. Qualified teachers with an extended work experience.

Aghamirza Fazel

It has been a great experience here at BAU. Especially learning from the professors who are great and very helpful at any given circumstance. They are always friendly.

Mauricio Facciolla

I had great professors who taught me important skills and concepts that I applied daily in my job. These skills helped me to grow and stand out in the company I work for. The location and the building are awesome, providing great experiences. The student body is very diverse; great to learn about different cultures.

Phuong Vo, Vietnam

“I am a normal girl, but I have a big ambition. That’s living the truest and most beautiful life. I think the risk is always better than the regret. I am happy to be here at BAU and living a life I have always dreamed of. I prayed faithfully and worked hard for this opportunity. Moreover, thank you so much my beloved family for all their unlimited support and unconditional love. Thank you BAU for this opportunity!”