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President’s Message

Dear BAU Family,

As Bay Atlantic University, we work hard to make our university one of the highly recognized universities in this region, one that you will be a proud and privileged graduate of.

We are young, and therefore we are nimble. We know what the world today is with its strengths and weaknesses and what we want it to become for future generations. And we know we will contribute to that world with our values that guide us: respect, diversity, integrity, and academic achievement, with students like you that have bright minds and generous hearts; and with a team of committed and hardworking staff and faculty. Just as our founder, a great educational entrepreneur, said: “Those who do not have dreams will not reap a reality.”

We started with an MBA program in 2014 and only in the 3rd year of our establishment, we got accredited, started new programs, created a diverse environment where 40 countries are represented in our student body, and staff, received the award of the largest MBA program in D.C., ranked in the first 50 in the U.S. in cyber security education, made higher education more accessible by offering almost 10m USD of scholarships to domestic and international students since our establishment in 8 years. This has not been easy. And we could not have done this if we had not started with a dream and if we had not believed in ourselves.

Every success starts with a dream and with people that have a dream. Here at BAU, we want you to have dreams. We believe you will turn your dreams into reality using the knowledge, skills, and experience you will gain during your studies at BAU.

You will have failures; you will have difficult times. Think about the harsh times the whole world has gone through during the COVID pandemic. Could we imagine back then that the world would almost stop in just a week’s time? Look what we all have survived. Loss of the loved ones, anxiety, uncertainties, and crash of economies. We cannot promise a life with full of successes. It would be too much to promise. But I can promise that if you learn from your failures, you will learn to write new stories of success.

Very truly yours,

Dr. Sinem Vatanartiran


Selen Oz | Executive Assistant for the President

Phone #: +1 (202) 644-7200
Email: [email protected]



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