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BAU has been awarded with more than $280,000 worth of grants by the Government of District of Columbia, Department of Employment Services (DOES) since 2020 to offer entrepreneurship and job readiness trainings along with internship opportunities for low income, out of school DC youth. BAU has served more than 100 young people since 2020 with these programs and will continue to do so through the recently awarded four new grants ($700,000.00 in total) by DOES to serve 250 District youth for the upcoming year. We love to connect with the DC youth and their families by offering them tuition free certificate programs thanks to our amazing partners DOES and a local DC non-profit Can I Live Inc.


  • MBSYEP – Work Readiness & Professional Development 2020 – Ongoing (HCA)

BAU partners up with Can I Live, Inc to offer its Win from Within Professional & Personal Development Curriculum to 50 residents of the District of Columbia ages 22 to 24 years of age. The goal of this partnership is to introduce young adults to employers who will positively impact the futures of our young adults. This is a one week long of work readiness training for DC Youth, offered tuition free thanks to DC Government’s grant. Our Human Care Agreement (HCA) with DOES has been renewed for the upcoming year.

  • Pathways for Young Adults 2022-Ongoing (HCA)

Bay Atlantic University in partnership with Can I Live, offers training to undergird the needs of DC Out of School / work youth between the ages of 18-24 with preparing 40 District youth for the workforce and connecting them to opportunities which combines occupational training, life skills development and work readiness instruction to connect them back to the world of work successfully.

BAU is proud to offer a unique program that will not only provide academic preparation for a high-demand growth industry; apply technical training with Industry specific work experience and preparation but also assist DC Out of School Youth with the acquisition of a nationally recognized credential with unsubsidized placement and or internship. 

This 24 weeks program has 3 phases: 

Phase 1: Work Readiness and Financial Literacy (4-weeks)

Phase 2: Occupational Training -Adobe Learn Series (12-weeks)

Phase 3: Internship / Job Placement (8-weeks) 

  • Job Readiness Training 2022-Ongoing (Grant)

Bay Atlantic University in partnership with Can I Live (CIL) to offer training to undergird the needs of District Residents as they connect job seekers, and employers to opportunities and resources that empower fair, safe, effective working communities. Working in tandem with the division of the Department of Employment Services (DOES) and the Division of State Initiatives (DSI), BAU/CIL will offer Ultimate Upgrade Resume Lab (URL) Training Program to assist 100 District residents ages 20-54, experiencing multiple barriers to employment, including court-involvement, prior incarceration, housing insecurity, history of substance abuse, and educational deficiencies with quality work readiness and life skills training services. This is a 1 year program, enrollment is on a rolling basis.

The URL Training program will develop and enhance District residents with soft skills essential to their success including, but not limited to effective communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, recognizing/managing triggers, team participation, emotional intelligence, and interview etiquette. Other supportive program components of the URL Training Program include case management support, along with short-term subsidized work experience and unsubsidized job placement services to 100 District residents.

  • MBSYEP Short Term Work Readiness & Growth Industry Program 2021-Ongoing (Grant)

Work Readiness (Professional Development) 6-week program engages 35 young adults between the ages of 18-24 in hybrid (blended learning) environment targeting key concepts for excelling in the workplace. This Curriculum administers a set of activities that aim to deliver a comprehensive set of services that achieve positive outcomes. BAU has partnered with Can I Live to assist with the overall administration, and virtual program activities. This is a 6 weeks long of work readiness training for DC Youth, offered tuition free thanks to DC Government’s grant.

  • Youth Innovation Grant / Youth Earn and Learn Program (YEALP) 2020 – Ongoing (Grant)

The District of Columbia Office of Contracting and Procurement, on behalf of the Office of Youth Programs (OYP) at the Department of Employment Services (DOES) awards BAU as its contractor to deliver basic skills training and workforce readiness training opportunities while connecting youth to GED/High School Diploma equivalency training programs, unsubsidized employment, advance training and/or post-secondary education for out-of-school youth (OSY) of the Youth Earn and Learn Program (YEALP) between the ages of 18-24.

BAU Partners up with Can I Live Inc. a national non-profit to offer an Entrepreneurship training under the name of “Resident Owned Business Incubator (ROBI). With this partnership, BAU is proud to offer under-served and under-resourced entrepreneurs a network of support, capital, and technical assistance through ROBI. This entrepreneurship and small business licensing course gives DC low-income residents a fair shot to the middle class through self-employment. ROBI is currently funded and offered through the District of Columbia Department of Employment Services (DOES) tuition – free for the District of Columbia residents. ROBI exist to fill an unmet need for firms required to meet First Source and Section 3 numerical quotas. Providing a back-office team of professionals with expertise in finance, human resources, legal, marketing and administration -our entrepreneurs now have the tools they need to plan, launch, manage and grow their micro enterprise.

ROBI’s program of study utilizes the Entrepreneurship and Small Business (ESB) Certification offered by Certiport, a globally recognized leader in certification exam development. Students who successfully complete the program will leave with their business plan, business license, website, logo, electronic business card, custom domain, personal email address and access to videos apps and intros, and royalty free high-resolution photos and a chance to pitch for cash in quarterly competitions.


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Phuong Do

I love the experience here at Bay Atlantic University. The university is in the center of Washington D.C., the capital of the US. My friends and I have a wonderful time here at BAU and love the learning experience. It is really an honor to study in a high quality university that gives us top notch education, paving the way for success in our future careers.

Enkhjinzaya Ganbold

I love the fact that the university is so diverse.

Izel Ugur

The professors at Bay Atlantic University are diverse, not only in terms of their international backgrounds, but also their professional backgrounds. Being able to hear how the theories connect to their real-life experiences has been invaluable to my studies.

Qazi Khan

It is great to be a part of such an international environment in my everyday life because it has provided me with a different perspective of the world. And now I have good friends from many different countries.

Uyanga Batsukh

After completing the MBA Entrepreneurship program at BAU, I feel more confident in taking the next step towards starting my own business.

Daniel Giraldo

Great location, great staff, and great learning experience. Qualified teachers with an extended work experience.

Aghamirza Fazel

It has been a great experience here at BAU. Especially learning from the professors who are great and very helpful at any given circumstance. They are always friendly.

Mauricio Facciolla

I had great professors who taught me important skills and concepts that I applied daily in my job. These skills helped me to grow and stand out in the company I work for. The location and the building are awesome, providing great experiences. The student body is very diverse; great to learn about different cultures.

Phuong Vo, Vietnam

“I am a normal girl, but I have a big ambition. That’s living the truest and most beautiful life. I think the risk is always better than the regret. I am happy to be here at BAU and living a life I have always dreamed of. I prayed faithfully and worked hard for this opportunity. Moreover, thank you so much my beloved family for all their unlimited support and unconditional love. Thank you BAU for this opportunity!”