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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programs are designed to provide students with a strong foundation in business courses and advanced courses for specific concentrations. A BBA helps students build managerial skills and prepares them for business administration positions. In this article, you will find out what exactly is a BBA degree, the courses you will take, and some of the specializations that are the most sought-after in the business world.

What Is a Bachelor of Business Administration?

A Bachelor in Business Administration is the gateway to numerous job opportunities in a multitude of sectors like Marketing, Education, Finance, Sales, and Government. The BBA program offers education and training in management and leadership skills to prepare students for managerial roles and entrepreneurship.

Students learn multiple aspects of business management through lectures, practical projects, and internships. This program is meant for those who want to pursue a career in the corporate management sector.

BBA Degree Subjects


The BBA curriculum is designed in such a way that the students get ample industry exposure and training. It helps you prepare for real-world experiences and reach smart business conclusions through empirical analysis, such as planning how an organization operates day-to-day in the face of ongoing changes and challenges. The degree focuses on business administration, so you will have to take basic math and algebra courses, but you won’t be required to do calculus and advanced finance.

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With core electives such as managerial accounting, law & ethics, globalization & the world economy, the goal for students enrolling in a BBA program at BAU  is to:

  • Understand and implement concepts related to local and global business
  • Discuss, and apply regulatory and ethical practices
  • Enhance research, communication, and presentation skills using professional literature
  • Demonstrate a combination of knowledge and professional skills in specific areas of concentration


BBA Specializations


A BBA degree may consist of foundational general education courses focusing on the specific business specialization of your choice. Some of the most common BBA specializations are listed below:


Specialization in accounting focuses on accounting principles and regulatory laws. It helps students prepare to assist businesses in making effective financial decisions and complying with regulatory standards. Students will understand the professional criteria and ethical responsibilities of internal auditors, and they will follow classes on tax, financial, corporate, and management accounting.


Finance specialization programs explore investing, financial analysis, and international finance, to name a few. Financial management is about managing and analyzing the expenses at various governments as well as private companies. Students develop the essential skills required for financial management, such as investment and insurance.


Healthcare specialization helps students learn how to efficiently manage a healthcare staff or department by analyzing management issues related to non-medical healthcare professionals, active personnel in a healthcare environment, and how to resolve legal and ethical conflicts in a healthcare facility.


Specialization in management focuses on a changing environment, emphasizing leadership and team-building skills, and effective decision-making. This program enables candidates to learn the complexities related to decision making and analyzing data while managing businesses. Students gain excellent managerial skills required to lead challenging roles in the corporate world.


Marketing specialization programs concentrate on advertising, consumer behavior, public relations, and useful market research to help a business effectively promote their products and services and boost consumer demand.

By choosing a specialization, you can narrow the focus of your education into specific areas of business.  While marketing, management, and accounting are the most common areas for business subjects, other specializations such as finance and healthcare are also in high demand.

So, if you aspire to pursue a business career, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Bay Atlantic University is the ideal choice for you. If you are not sure yet and have more questions, we encourage you to contact us at any time.



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