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Becoming an entrepreneur takes more than passion to beat the odds and create a thriving company. Those who aim at having an establishment of their own need a strong work ethic and rock-solid business skills and an MBA program can teach you just that.

What Is an MBA in Entrepreneurship?

This degree is a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program with a concentration in entrepreneurship. This concentration area is designed to help students develop their professional management, leadership, and analytical skills, allowing them to advance in their careers and gain more profit. Management, marketing, finance, accounting, economics, and law are among the essential subject areas covered by the entrepreneurship concentration.

In an MBA in entrepreneurship program, you’ll be learning all the principles on how to run a business. When pursuing this particular degree, you should seek out a school that supports student innovators in this way. At Bay Atlantic University (BAU), the entrepreneurship program is designed to contribute to ethical business leaders who can solve real-world issues in a partnership and collaborative environment.

The learning goals of the MBA in entrepreneurship program are:

  • Understanding ethical issues and dilemmas that businesses often face, 
  • Applying specialized knowledge, big data, and quantitative skills to solve business problems, 
  • Demonstrating a global perspective and an awareness of how cultural differences impact businesses.
  • Possessing the skills required to integrate concepts from various disciplines to identify and develop business strategies. 

MBA in entrepreneurship  curriculum

MBA programs in entrepreneurship usually require 36 credits. Of these course credits, the entrepreneurship concentration typically makes up about nine courses, with the rest making up the MBA core courses. Students start with foundation courses, and once they have a firm grasp on business fundamentals, they’ll be able to apply them to the Entrepreneurship concentration.


At Bay Atlantic University, the MBA degree is earned by completing the program course requirements of 36 credit hours (12 courses of 3 credit hours each). Of these 36 credits, 24 are MBA core credits, and 12 are concentration elective courses credits. There are three MBA concentrations available at BAU: Entrepreneurship, Economics and Finance, and Global Affairs.


MBA core courses include subjects like Leadership & Organization, Marketing Management, and Research Methods. On the other hand, entrepreneurship concentration courses consist of New Product Management, Strategic Management, Blockchain Technology and Business Management, Brand Management, among others.

Why Earn an MBA in Entrepreneurship?

Today, more and more professionals aim to follow a flexible career path that spans several organizations and roles. Many people already offer freelance services, and given how they’re already used to working independently, striking out on their own may not seem like too much of a leap. 


For those who have a passion they want to turn into a business, an entrepreneurial path may be the best opportunity. Furthermore, the freedom to work for yourself, set your own schedule, and make your own business decisions can all be appealing facets of a startup.


If you are someone with a dream of achieving great success on your own business venture, you’ll need to have the business skills to bring your vision to market and stay competitive. An MBA in entrepreneurship provides exactly this solid business skill training through targeted coursework. 


Even though many students are typically innovators who aspire to develop a new product or service, others who have worked for a few years and want to advance their careers would instead take their talents and newfound skills to an existing business. Graduates of MBA in entrepreneurship programs possess the business skills to enter lucrative positions in practically any field. They often pursue careers as management consultants, financial managers, and top executives.

Is an MBA in Entrepreneurship Worth It?

An MBA for entrepreneurs can provide you with reliable resources to launch your career as a business owner by:


  • Providing the skills to write a solid business plan.
  • Giving the credibility to raise venture capital.
  • Making available a network to source funds and advise.
  • Enabling contact with mentors to provide guidance.
  • Knowledge to sustain and manage your business.


If you hold an MBA in entrepreneurship, you’ll have outstanding career prospects even if your business venture folds. That’s because an MBA is valued by corporate employers and is associated with great job titles and salaries.


Ultimately, whether or not you want to pursue an MBA in entrepreneurship is a personal decision. If you are interested in sharpening the skills you need to start and run a business, here at Bay Atlantic University, we offer a Master of Business Administration with a concentration on Entrepreneurship program to help you achieve your goals.



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