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When it comes to proper job interview etiquette, not a lot of us have it down properly. What we may know in theory, can disappear right before the interview. However, worry not, we have a list of job interview etiquette tips that you can go through before your interview.

Read on to find out how you should dress, act before, during, and after a job interview.

Job Interview: Fashion

One of the more important aspects of job interview etiquette is what you will be wearing. That is due to the fact that our appearance is usually the one that determines the first impression the recruiter will get of us.

No matter the dress code, always make sure to look neat, tidy, and clean during a job interview. Depending on the position you’re applying for, you should dress accordingly. Go with your logic; if it’s in the business industry, you dress professionally and if it’s graphic design, you can probably get away with something more casual.

Pro tip: You can even research the company you’ve applied to and check to see if they have a specific dress code.

Job Interview: Assets

A job interview is an occasion when you can showcase your work abilities and skills best, but remember that is not only done verbally. You should always come prepared with your resume, a list of references, and a number of questions for the interviewer.

It’s a good idea to also personalize your resume for the jobs you want, leaving out any details or experiences that might not be related to the position. You can also bring your portfolio, whether you have a physical version of it or it’s stored online.

Pro tips: Don’t come in carrying a drink, chewing gum, eating, or with your phone turned on.

Job Interview: Time

Always, always, always be on time for a job interview. Better yet, come in five minutes early. Being a few minutes early can let you catch your breath before you go in, freshen up if you need, check yourself in the bathroom, and rearrange your thoughts.

Additionally, every recruiter looks for someone who is punctual. Showing up to an interview on time and even early, shows that you take it seriously and do not subscribe to nonchalant arriving.

Pro tip: Reconfirm the time of the interview on the day of your interview so there’s no room for misunderstanding.

Job Interview Etiquette: How to Act

One of the more important aspects of an interview is the way you present yourself i.e.the way you act. There are a few aspects to that which we will be discussing below.

How to greet your interviewer

Make sure that you present yourself (to a receptionist first, if there is one) to the interviewer, and give them a firm handshake.

Next, it’s good to be prepared for a small amount of small talk; however, always be careful not to overdo it as it is a job interview. The best advice is to follow the lead of the interviewer and let them guide the conversation.

How to respond to interview questions

When you respond to job interview questions, always make sure that you have listened carefully and understood the question correctly. This will help you give the best response possible. Make sure to collect your thoughts and be content with the answer you give.

Always be careful not to ramble, don’t stray away from the topic, present your best skills, and be direct. Consider your answers as your sales pitch, in the end, those answers will determine whether you land the job or not.

How to close an interview

Closing a job interview is an art form in and of itself. Ensure that the hiring manager knows how excited you are for the position and that you are the right fit for it. You can also ask what the next steps in the interviewing process are.

Lastly, thank them for their time spent interviewing you.

Phone/Online Interview Etiquette

In essence, the same tips for in-person interviews still apply to online and phone interviews. However, due to a number of factors, they tend to be trickier and there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to online interview etiquette.

For an online interview, you want to make sure that:

  • Your internet connection is secure and doesn’t falter mid-interview
  • Your sound quality is good
  • There is no distraction whether audio or video
  • Your space is decluttered (your background should be a neutral color preferably)
  • Don’t look away from the camera (if the interview is a video as well)
  • Keep a glass of water nearby

For a phone interview, make sure that you:

  • Have your job material nearby
  • Answer the phone yourself
  • Make sure you have a good network (or use landline)
  • Make sure your audio works properly
  • Keep a glass of water handy

Last Tip: Thank You Note Follow-Up

One of the best interview etiquette practices that will set you apart from the competition is a thank you note to your recruiter. This gives you an opportunity to both show your interest in the position and shows your appreciation for the interview.

Apart from showing gratitude, you get a chance to summarize your interview closing and once again let them know why you are the best fit for the job.

Job interviews can be stressful, whether they’re online, in-person, or on the phone. However, with enough practice and these tips on your hands, rest assured you will be presenting only the best version of yourself. 

Remember: You are an asset, you know how to do the job, you’re the right fit, and never chew gum!


Good luck!



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