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With software becoming essential for businesses, some companies are more ready for changes brought by digital transformation than others. In addition, besides the general threat to public health, the coronavirus pandemic heavily affected the economy as well. Due to the widespread of the virus, roughly 200.000 U.S. establishments were permanently closed, and many people lost their jobs. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), regardless of the policy support already deployed, the average unemployment rates are up compared to the pre-pandemic average. Why is this data necessary, you may ask.

Seeing how the world struggles to adapt to the changes thrust upon them, the spotlight falls upon business creativity as a skill that may be what saves the day for many companies. How is creativity important in business? A creative mindset can be what helps business owners overcome challenges and succeed in this day and age. By thinking outside of the box, you can discover innovative solutions to the obstacles you face and prosper in the business world, regardless of the situation.

Why is Creativity Important in Business?

Creative thinking is one of the most demanded skills nowadays. Companies value workers who take innovative and unique approaches to solve problems and overcome challenges. The importance of creativity in business is also what helps employers and employees gain an advantage over competitors and boost productivity.

Even with machine learning and artificial intelligence, businesses need creative thinkers who bring new ideas to the table. After all, technology can only be as good as the people who operate it.

Fast problem-solving

Creative thinking is necessary for business problem-solving. This skill enables workers to find opportunities that help improve situations in which finding a solution is difficult. It also helps them see the problems they face from another perspective. This way, they can use their imagination to come up with innovative approaches.

The process of creative thinking for problem-solving is not easy. However, once you merge creativity with interest, effort, and collaboration, you can generate unique and valuable ideas for any dilemma you may face.

Separating your business from the competition

Companies use creative approaches to add value to their business and gain an advantage over their competitors. For example, they can achieve this advantage by applying creative ideas in brainstorming for new product development (NPD). If the company provides a better service or product than its competitors, it can increase its profit margins. These unique products or services help the company reach new customers while also retaining the current ones.

Boost in productivity

Another benefit of creativity and innovation in business is that it helps in boosting productivity. Through coming up with creative ideas, you get to work on new exciting projects, which can be an incentive towards working harder. Business creativity also helps workers feel more appreciated since they get to test their limits and come up with something new. Plus, taking a creative approach encourages more feedback from peers and supervisors. With feedback, you can figure out the areas you need to improve on and work more effectively.

Importance of Sustaining Creativity in a Business

The real challenge of being a creative person working in business is sustaining that creativity. Sometimes, you have to deal with assignments that are monotonous and don’t require new ideas. It makes sense to work with already established work processes and ideas, especially when working in companies that have reached maturity. At that stage, some companies are not willing to take many risks and prefer to shift from experimentation towards stability.

You might never lose your creative side entirely, but you can certainly lose touch with it. Therefore, you should ensure you do not suppress your creativity and find creative ways to improve either your personal performance or pitch ideas that may benefit the entire department or company in which you work.

How Can I Develop a Creative Mindset?

Anyone can improve their ability to generate innovative ideas. Like every other skill, to fully develop your creativity, you must constantly use it. To ensure that creative thinking becomes a habit, you can practice it through the following activities.

Take a walk

According to a study based on the Kaplan theory, nature can enhance creative ways of thinking. This theory suggests that natural environments help recharge directed attention that is required when analyzing and developing ideas. When you are outside, the environment captures your involuntary attention, thus, allowing your voluntary or directed attention to “rest”. Another study also suggests that people are more creative when they are walking in comparison to sitting down.

Broaden your knowledge

Every idea you have is a combination of concepts that you already know. That is why the more knowledge you have, the greater your potential of generating unique ideas. You can read books, watch documentaries and films, keep up with the news, take new classes, start new hobbies, and socialize with different types of people to gain more knowledge.

Analyze everything

During your brainstorming session, you might come up with ideas that do not sound that good at first. Do not be discouraged. It is important that you further research every idea and plan until you find the one. The research will help you put new ideas into action, come up with some new ones, and weed out some unnecessary others.

Be bored

Because we are always around technology, nowadays, distractions are just one click away. However, instead of always having your mind preoccupied with something, try being bored. Results of a study suggested that participants who felt bored performed better on creativity tests than the ones feeling distressed or relaxed. Give yourself the space to be creative.

If you want your business to succeed, you need to be ready to take risks, go out of your comfort zone, and be different. Use your creativity and uniqueness to set yourself and your company apart from others. Do not be afraid to go for it. The greatest creations were once just ideas. Yours could be next!



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