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It is more than normal to second-guess your choice of college once you arrive on campus. Committing to a school is a big decision, and if you have doubts about whether you have made the right choice, or you feel like due to some circumstances the school is not suitable for you anymore, then you might consider the option to transfer.

Depending on the details of why you want to make the switch, transferring might be the right choice for you. To make it easier for you to come to a definite answer, we will go through some good reasons to transfer colleges. By the end of this article, you might realize that it is time for you to take the necessary steps or that whatever issue you are having can be fixed more simply.

How Many Students Transfer Colleges?

For anyone contemplating transferring, let us tell you that you are not alone. According to a report by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, more than a third of undergraduate students in the U.S. transfer at some point in their college life. Then, around 45% of those transferred students do it more than once.

However, more recent stats show that recently there was an 8.4% decline in college transfers. Almost 200,000 fewer students transferred in the 2020-2021 school year compared to the previous one.

Good Reasons to Transfer Colleges

Everyone has reasons that push them towards asking themselves, “Should I transfer college?”. In some cases, people simply change, and so do their goals and ambitions, which now might not line up with the college they chose years prior. Other times, because of factors beyond the student’s power, transferring is the only logical solution. Whatever your reason, it is valid and worth considering. Below are some of the top reasons why students often decide to transfer. Take a look and maybe you might find yourself there.

You want to challenge yourself academically

Students often transfer because their current college is not a good fit for their ambitions, and they feel unchallenged. Sometimes, people like to challenge themselves and reach for more prestigious colleges that typically offer better educational opportunities.

You can’t afford the tuition and living costs expenses


Before you decide to switch your college due to financial necessity, try and talk to someone who might help in this direction. Get on the phone with the financial aid office and explain your situation. Talk to your family or ask for a loan from a friend who might be able to help. Ensure you have tried every option before making the transfer.

You feel like you don’t belong in the school you initially intended

At some point, we all experience that gut feeling when we walk into a place that makes us feel like we don’t belong. Sure, sometimes that feeling changes with time. But, if it doesn’t, then it can negatively affect your mood and work. You might also feel like the school is not a good fit because the academic rigor is ill-suited for you, or the course selection is too limiting.

The school’s location isn’t convenient for you

Not to say that being away from family and friends is a good enough reason to make a college transfer, but if you are truly unhappy with the location of your school, then go for it. If you have been commuting, and the traveling has become too difficult, then switch to a school with a more convenient location. Or, if you are about to start a new job that means a lot to your career, the transfer can be an excellent decision.

You don’t like the school’s social scene


Transferring schools based on your dislike for their social scene is not always a good enough reason because there is no guarantee the next one will be a good fit for your social taste. It is understandable if you want to transfer because the continuous parties around campus are harmful to your focus; or because even after trying and trying to make friends, the campus itself just does not seem to offer a lot in the way of socializing. It is always a good reason to transfer when something negatively influences your mental and/or physical health and studies.

You want to switch majors

Let’s say that you made your initial college choice because they offered a great business program. Then, somewhere along the line, you decide that you would like to major in computer science. The issue arises when you realize that your current school does not offer a computer science program, or at least not a good one. In this case, if you are serious about changing your major, transferring to another college that offers a better program will be worth it.

Should I Transfer Colleges?

Whether or not you should transfer colleges depends on your personal circumstances and the reasons why you are pondering this transfer. Always make sure you have thought of every other possible solution before deciding to transfer. But, ultimately, if nothing seems to be working and you are still unhappy at your current school, it might be time to start working on your transfer application.

If you do decide to transfer college, we wish you the best of luck. Whether it is a change you desired or one forced upon you, it might be exactly what you need. Think of your first college as a cocoon. Now it is time for you to transfer and turn into a butterfly.



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