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A career in business can be very rewarding. Many of the highest-paying jobs require years of education and on-the-job experience along with a track record of proven success in a chosen field or discipline. Knowledge gained in core subjects like marketing, management, human resources, and accounting prepares business majors to lead others. If you’re interested in learning more about some of the best jobs you can get with a business degree, read on below.

1. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers use advertising and public relations techniques to boost sales and maximize business potential. Marketing managers must have a  bachelor’s degree in marketing and business-related fields to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to establish careers.

What does a Marketing Manager do?

Marketing Managers tasks are to:

  • Plan and organize how to promote businesses based upon customer, competitor, and company analysis.
  • assess and determine the demand for an organization’s products and services
  • develop ways to increase profits and investments


Marketing managers salary

The marketing manager’s median salary varies from $80,900 to $151,260 in the United States.

2. Financial Advisor

Financial Advisors offer short and long term advice on managing monetary investments to clients. They need to complete a bachelor’s degree in economics, finance, business, or accounting to secure the educational background necessary for a successful career. Financial managers face a competitive job market, so those who can also handle international finance and the world of financial instruments and securities will be the most marketable.

What does a Financial Advisor do?

Financial advisors

  • Meet with clients to counsel them on their finances
  • Provide clients with means of maximizing their financial objectives in investments, pensions, retirement savings, and insurance coverages
  • Advise on how to minimize and manage debt
  • Offer knowledge of taxes to clients


Financial Advisor Salary

Financial advisors generally earn $46,390 to $119,290 annually.

3. Agent/Business Manager


Performers, artists, and athletes hire agents and business managers to represent and market their abilities to potential employers. Agents and business managers complete a bachelor’s or master’s degree program in business administration combined with a concentration in marketing to improve their careers.

What does an agent do?

Agents and business managers

  • manage contract negotiations
  • strategically plan career goals
  • research industry trends
  • aid with financial planning
  • help schedule performances, events, auditions, travel, and interviews


Agent Salary

Agents and business managers annually earn from $39,770 to $113,580 in the United States.

4. Sales Manager

Sales Managers oversee a staff of sales representatives, research sales statistics, and develop ways of improving the organization’s sales. Sales managers can complete an associate’s degree in business administration to gain the knowledge and skills required, though many employers prefer candidates with a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

What does a Sales Manager do?

Sales managers:

  • work closely with traders and distributors
  • monitor sales performance
  • gain insight into sales potential
  • cultivate knowledge of customer preference to assure maximized profits
  • assist in the development of products.


Sales Manager Salary

Earnings for sales managers range from $54,560 to $125,130 annually.

5. Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officers are the top executives within companies, corporations, organizations, and other agencies. Most CEOs obtain a Business Administration degree to gain the qualifications necessary to perform as leaders in the business industry.

What does a CEO do?

Chief Executive Officers responsibilities are to:

  • report to a board of directors
  • oversee the daily operations of the organization
  • handle the marketing, strategizing, and financing aspects of businesses
  • delegate responsibility
  • hire and terminate staff
  • maintain safety compliance
  •  manage public relations


Chief Executive Officer Salary

Earnings for CEOs range from $62,900 to $137,020 annually.

6. Accountant

Accountants are number-people who excel at organization and detail-oriented work. Since they deal with money, accountants need to possess a high degree of integrity. Considering that they’re always interacting with clients, accountants should be effective communicators.

What does an Accountant do?

An accountants job description includes:

  • to inspect financial records
  • prepare taxes for their clients
  • to perform audits
  • to provide consulting for corporations, nonprofit organizations and governments
  • to create processes in order to find and eliminate economic waste and fraud.


Accountant Salary

According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for an accountant is $53,748 in the United States.

7. Market Research Analyst



Market research analysts help their clients understand who their consumers are, what they want, and how much they’ll pay for what they want. Analysts reach these conclusions with methodologies like focus groups and surveys, as well as newer technologies.

What does a Market Research Analyst do?

Market research analysts tasks are to:

  • report on sales trends and consumer demographics such as needs and buying habits
  • present their findings to clients in an understandable way
  • collect and analyze data in a logical  way
  • assess why target audiences might be interested in a particular product

Market Research Analyst Salary

According to Payscale, the average salary in the United States for a Market Research Analyst is $53,835.


The business field offers many career opportunities from accounting to market research. In addition to these jobs, there are many more that will qualify you for the position if you acquire a business degree. However, we’ve chosen a few ones that stand out.

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