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A career in business offers a plethora of opportunities. With a business background, you will be prepared to work in a wide range of settings in government, business, non-profit organizations, and more. This makes business majors flexible, strategic, and employable job seekers.

At the same time, with so many options available, choosing the right business major is crucial. A specialized degree program in business would give you a strategic advantage and make you an essential asset in the workplace. A broader degree can open doors to multiple job opportunities.


This is our list of the eight best business majors for the future.



Entrepreneurship has gotten a whole new meaning as of recent years due to the fact that many businesses have gone online. As a degree, it has grown high in demand  because many talented and ambitious individuals want to pursue their own companies or aim for leadership roles.

The innovation and leadership skills students develop during the program will help with starting and running a business smoothly. At the same time, an MBA with a concentration on Entrepreneurship is an ideal degree for professionals who want to become management analysts or business consultants to help others evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

During their studies, students focus on improving a business and its growth, which will consequently arm them with the abilities necessary to solve the modern business problems and challenges they have to overcome. Students learn many things concerning entrepreneurship, with some courses touching marketing, blockchain technology, human resources, sales, and other business principles.


Economics & Finance

One of the most fundamental concepts of business is economics. It studies how communities assign their limited resources and the consequences of their economic decisions. In turn, finance is concerned with how companies and financial intermediaries make investment decisions and how financial markets work locally and internationally.

A degree in economics and finance is fundamental for learning how economic outcomes play a part in the broader scheme of things and then using the knowledge to make accurate decisions. Professionals in the field have a good understanding of different business regulations, policies, as well as global and public relations, and know the fundamentals of governmental business laws.

An MBA with a concentration in Economics & Finance could be a good program if you’re interested in money and banking, international trade, global markets, economic policy, labor-market analysis, among other subjects. Also, this degree is beneficial for professionals wanting to advance their financial career.


Digital Marketing

Marketing has long been a vital element of any company targeting customer engagement and loyalty. More businesses are trying to develop and maintain an online footprint in today’s world, and with an ever-growing number of startups arising, digital marketers are more in demand than ever before. Digital marketing roles tend to have flexible hours and dynamic work environments.

It is hard for companies to thrive in a consumer-based economy without effective campaigns. This field demands a creative and innovative approach, so individuals looking to work at the cutting edge of the business space will gain a lot of satisfaction from a digital marketing major and can expect a satisfactory and ever-evolving career.



The accounting field is all about business, particularly concerning profit, budget, or anything related to calculating earnings, fees, taxes, and other costs. Accountants tend to work in various fields, and as such, a degree in accounting offers growing opportunities and expanding job duties.

Accountants can take care of all accounting needs in a small company or be one of several accountants in a big organization, depending on the job opportunities. They also have the chance to provide accounting services for a non-profit organization, a medical group, or a school system.


Business Administration

Business administration programs that universities offer are versatile and prepare students to take various business positions. There will always be a demand for good leaders and executives in any company, making the degree an excellent option because of the expertise and experience it delivers.

Students develop the skills of researching, analyzing, and leading operations inside one organization during their studies. A bachelor’s in business administration aims to prepare students with comprehensive knowledge of business principles through teaching about key content areas of management, marketing, finance, accounting, economics, and law.

In addition, MBA students can choose to specialize in a particular area. At Bay Atlantic University, we offer MBA programs with concentrations in Entrepreneurship, Global Affairs, and Economics & Finance.


Healthcare Management

Healthcare management is a degree of significant importance for the overall development of medical care. Healthcare administrators help health systems operate more efficiently, which in turn helps patient care. Health care administrators have been pioneers in advocating healthcare policy changes.

For those interested in the healthcare field but not in one-on-one patient care, such as needed in the area of nursing, a degree in healthcare management is ideal for them. This degree program will help students get the medical understanding they need, as well as provide them with important business fundamentals to run medical facilities effectively.


International Business

The demand for professionals who understand the international market environment will continue to develop as the globe becomes more interconnected. In order to execute multicultural strategies, graduates with a degree in international business will be able to cross differences between cultures, languages, and global markets.

An international business major program challenges students to adapt business concepts to other countries’ financial, sociopolitical, legal, and economic systems. Graduates often join employers in sectors closely related to the subject, such as marketing, HR, finance, and sales.


Sports Management

A sports administration degree is ideal for individuals who wish to blend their love for the sport with business. This degree will enable students to have a successful career in the sports field without having to be an athlete.

Sports management is implemented in almost all sports types, including municipal entertainment, commercial clubs, charitable organizations, government sporting events, amateur competitions, athletics at the college level, and professional sports.

Professionals in this field of work are proficient in the strategy, preparation, administration, and budgeting aspects of a department or organization whose primary function is related to sports or athletic activity.


In the end, it comes down to what your skills are and what you are passionate about.

If you think that calculation is your stronger skill, business economics, accounting, and finance are your best degree choices. Yet, if you’re more interested in management, then entrepreneurship, business administration, healthcare, or sports management are your better alternatives. Finally, if the sales and marketing aspects of business interest you, digital marketing or international business could be the best option.




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