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Bay Atlantic University reached a new pinnacle in its 10th-anniversary celebrations as the much-anticipated grand opening of the Student Union, now affectionately named “The Bay,” unfolded in a dazzling event on campus. The name was decided through an in-person vote during the grand opening ceremony, adding an extra layer of student involvement and community spirit to the celebration.

The atmosphere was alive with excitement as students, faculty, and guests explored the sleek facility. “The Bay” stands as a testament to the university’s commitment to fostering a sense of belonging and unity among its diverse student body.

The joyous occasion commenced with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by university officials and special guests. The revelation of the chosen name brought cheers and applause, echoing the enthusiasm of those who participated in the vote. The Bay is poised to become the heartbeat of the campus, providing a central space for collaboration, relaxation, and community-building.

Reflecting on the significance of the event, Diana S., a current ESL student, remarked, “It’s incredible to know that we played a part in naming this amazing space. ‘The Bay’ is more than just a Student Union; it’s a symbol of our shared experiences here at Bay Atlantic University and in Washington, D.C.”

Dr. Sinem Vatanartiran, Bay Atlantic University’s president, expressed her delight at the students’ involvement in the naming process. “The Bay represents the core of our university community, and I am thrilled to see the students take an active role in shaping its identity. This is a place where memories will be made and friendships will flourish.”

The grand opening event marks the beginning of a new chapter in Bay Atlantic University’s history, with “The Bay” standing tall as a symbol of unity, growth, and the vibrant spirit that defines the university community. The festivities are set to continue throughout the year, with more exciting events planned to commemorate this milestone anniversary.

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