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Washington, DC – On March 14, 2024, Bay Atlantic University became the focal point for global leaders in government relations, lobbying, and advocacy as it hosted the prestigious VIII INTERNATIONAL GR-FORUM. The one-day event, presented by the INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS PROFESSIONALS ASSOCIATION in collaboration with SIC Group and the Institute for Democracy and Development “PolitA,” attracted a diverse group of experts and practitioners from around the world.

The forum was dedicated to exploring leading practices, facilitating global knowledge exchange, and promoting ethical excellence in the field of government relations and advocacy. The agenda was packed with insightful panel discussions, each focusing on different aspects of lobbying and advocacy across various regions and industries.

The day began with a warm welcome and registration, followed by the conference opening, which set the stage for a series of dynamic and enlightening panel discussions. The first panel, “Navigating the Future: General Trends in the Lobbying Profession,” provided a comprehensive examination of the evolving landscape of lobbying, highlighting regulatory policies, emerging advocacy strategies, and the impact of technology on lobbying efforts.

Subsequent panels examined specialized topics, such as “Advocacy Unveiled: Insights from Lobbying in the United States,” “Shaping the Future: Lobbying and Advocacy in Latin America,” and “Across the Border: Lobbying and Advocacy Experience in Canada,” each offering unique perspectives and valuable insights into effective lobbying practices in their respective regions.

The forum also featured discussions on the European Union, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and various industries, emphasizing the global nature of lobbying and advocacy work. A particularly notable panel was “Artificial Intelligence and Technology in the Work of Lobbyists,” which explored how cutting-edge technologies are transforming the practice of lobbying.

The day concluded with “The Road to Elections: Implications for the Lobbying Profession in the United States,” a timely discussion given the upcoming 2024 presidential elections. This panel addressed key questions related to the elections, lobbyist engagement, and voter dynamics.

Reflecting on the event, Ilona Hanandeh, a BAU student and member of the GPI, said, “”As a proud BAU team member and graduate student, attending the GR forum provided invaluable insights and broadened my understanding of advocacy’s role in both professional and academic settings. Additionally, attending and engaging in this forum equipped me with practical skills and theoretical knowledge essential in my professional capacity and academic pursuits.”

The VIII INTERNATIONAL GR-FORUM 2024 was not only a platform for learning and discussion but also an excellent opportunity for networking, allowing participants to forge connections with global experts. The event concluded with closing remarks and a networking reception, marking the end of a highly successful forum that undoubtedly contributed to the advancement of the government relations and advocacy profession.

Bay Atlantic University is proud to have hosted such a transformative event and looks forward to further contributions to the field of government relations and advocacy.

If you missed the event, the entirety of the Forum has been recorded. Each of the 10 panels has been made available on the IGAPA’s YouTube channel and can be watched here: IGAPA – YouTube

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