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Bay Atlantic University MBA Entrepreneurship Class of 2019 Alumni, Journalist Anıl Sural published a book titled “Why Did I Come to America-Turks Who Leave a Mark in America”

Anıl Sural, who has been a journalist in the United States for many years and Turkey’s cultural ambassador in a sense, brings the remarkable lives of important people, residing in the US to the reader.

Sural, focuses on the lives of many immigrants from different backgrounds and all walks of life like scientists, successful athletes, highly skilled musicians, and professionals in the US, and tells the unknown stories of these people in his book.

Journalist Anıl Sural, who has been living in the US for many years, published his book “Why Did I Come to America – Turks Who Leave a Trace in America” ​​from Kopernik Publishing. Speaking about the book, Journalist-Writer Anıl Sural said, “Although the migration of Turks to America started in the 1890s, the major wave of immigration was in the early 1900s. After the 1960s, we see that immigration from Turkey to the US has also diversified, and Turks from many different occupational groups have settled in the US. Despite the fact that Turkish immigrants have a long history as Italians or Poles in the US, Turks have reached the consciousness of being a society quite late due to the disorganization of the Turkish diaspora in the USA and the late start of effective communication of Turkish governments with immigrants.”

Stating that he hopes for the continuation of the book, Sural said, “From Doctor Mehmet Öz, the well-known Turkish doctor in the US, to 100-year-old Safa Süleyman, one of the oldest Turks in the USA, from the Turkish stars of the NBA to the first Turkish judge of the USA, from New York. I wrote the life and immigration stories of Turks in different cities like California, Texas and Washington DC. When we learned that the original song ‘Why I Came to Istanbul’, which was popular in the nineties, was actually ‘Why I Came to America’, we decided that the title of the book would fit perfectly. This song, recorded in an Ottoman coffee house in New York by an Anatolian Greek named Ahilleas Pulos in the 1920s, became the title of my book.”




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