Hardware-Based Security Risks of the Supply Chain in the U.S.

Hardware-Based Security Risks of the Supply Chain in the U.S.

Bay Atlantic University will organize a seminar in collaboration with DC CyberWeek titled “Hardware-Based Security Risks of the Supply Chain in the U.S.” on October 17, 2022 at 2:00pm (EST) on BAU campus, 7th Floor. Please register and join us in-person!
The cyber supply chain risk is a real-world practice oriented and problem-centered challenge which governments and organizations are currently facing. In effect, the security of the global technology supply chain has been compromised, even if consumers and most companies didn’t know about it. This trend, if it has not been mitigated to the soonest, will become an Achilles hill and ultimately jeopardize the eco-system of the global supply chain.
Pipop  Nuangpookka, PhD, Department Chair, Information Management Science, Bay Atlantic University

Zelalem Mengitsu, PhD, Professor of Cybersecurity, Bay Atlantic University

Gregory Liu, PhD, Professor of Computer and Information Sciences, Director of Distance Education, Bay Atlantic University


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