Bay Atlantic University and Global Policy Institute Hosts Critical Discussion on Ukraine Crisis

Bay Atlantic University and Global Policy Institute Hosts Critical Discussion on Ukraine Crisis

December 14, 2023 – Bay Atlantic University (BAU), in collaboration with the Global Policy Institute, conducted a Q&A session titled “What is at Stake in Ukraine?” yesterday at 1:00 PM (EST). The event, which was held both in-person in BAU’s 8th-floor conference room and virtually via Zoom, drew a considerable audience, reflecting the global interest in the ongoing Ukrainian crisis.
The discussion centered around the Russian aggression against Ukraine, which began in February 2014 with the occupation and subsequent illegal annexation of Crimea. This aggression escalated to a full-scale invasion on February 24, 2022, marking a turning point in the conflict. Despite Moscow’s initial expectations of a swift victory, the Ukrainian resistance has proven formidable. Russian forces are now entrenched in a significant portion of Ukrainian territory nearly two years later.

Experts at the event highlighted the critical support provided by Western nations to Ukraine, including military training, weapons, ammunition, and financial aid. However, they noted that these resources have been insufficient for Ukraine to launch a successful counteroffensive to reclaim its eastern regions from Russian control.

A key point of discussion was the growing ‘war fatigue’ in the United States and several European countries. The session delved into the weakening pro-Ukraine consensus that was strong in 2022 and explored the potential shifts in international policy towards the conflict. Questions were raised about the longevity of US and European support for Kyiv and whether there would be a shift towards an accommodation with Moscow.

The panel, comprising two leading experts on the political and military dimensions of the conflict, also discussed the potential geopolitical consequences of a Russian de facto annexation of parts of Ukraine. The experts provided insights into the broader implications of the conflict on global politics and security.

The event concluded with a call to the international community to remain engaged and informed about the situation in Ukraine. The attendees were encouraged to consider the broader implications of the conflict and the importance of continued support for the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity.

For those who missed the live session, the full discussion is available for viewing. Please watch the content at HERE.

Bay Atlantic University and the Global Policy Institute plan to host further discussions on global issues, emphasizing the importance of academic and policy-oriented dialogue in understanding and addressing complex international conflicts.

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