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BAU organizes a Global Scholarship Exam (GSE) in Vietnam, Mongolia, Chad, and South Africa* in collaboration with the related ministries and partner education institutions. The purpose of GSE is to select highly accomplished students to offer scholarships. Students are awarded 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% scholarships depending on their exam scores.

The GSE Program’s highest aspiration is to educate young people from around the world, contributing to the formation of a new generation of global citizens who share the values of dialogue, tolerance, and collaboration and who are willing to work with others to achieve sustainable development. The GSE seeks to democratize education by finding the proverbial “diamonds in the rough”—students who, with the benefit of an American liberal arts education, will be able to make significant contributions to the world.

How does it work?

  1. The student registers for the Exam.
  2. The student takes the 2-hour exam.
  3. The top 100 student scores are eligible for scholarship with the top 5 students earning 100% scholarship.
  4. The student is emailed their scholarship offer if within the top 100 scores.
  5. The student applies to BAU at

Who can apply for the GSE Scholarship?

All students that have taken the GSE Scholarship test in their countries.

*More questions? Contact your academic advisor or email [email protected]



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