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The current 600-level elective class listings are as follows:

a. Writing Complement, preparing students for formal writing, including punctuation, email writing, and college essay writing at a C2 level

  1. ESL 600 Advanced Writing
  2. ESL 601 Academic Writing

b. Test Prep Complement, to prepare students for various standardized test environments, including the GMAT, GRE, IELTS, SAT, and TOEFL tests

  1. ESL 602 TOEFL Preparation I
  2. ESL 608 TOEFL Preparation II
  3. ESL 609 GMAT Preparation
  4. ESL 610 GRE Preparation
  5. ESL 620 SAT Preparation
  6. ESL 621 IELTS Preparation
  7. ESL 623 TOEFL Preparation III

c. American History and Culture Complement, to provide an overview of American history and culture to our immigrant students and assist their understanding of the country in which they live

  1. ESL 603 American History and Culture Through Film and Literature I
  2. ESL 604 American History and Culture Through Film and Literature II
  3. ESL 613 Introduction to United States Literature
  4. ESL 614 Introduction to United States Literature II
  5. ESL 618 The African American Experience I
  6. ESL 619 The African American Experience II
  7. ESL 622 American Biography I
  8. ESL 626 American Biography II

d. Careers Complement, to prepare students for the specific jargon and lingo that they may need for a variety of exciting careers

  1. ESL 606 New Age Media
  2. ESL 607 News and Media Today
  3. ESL 611 Introduction to International Legal English
  4. ESL 612 Business English I
  5. ESL 615 Introduction to Medical Terminology I
  6. ESL 616 Introduction to Medical Terminology II
  7. ESL 624 Business English II

e. Miscellaneous Electives

  1. ESL 605 Advanced Speaking, to improve students’ accents, pronunciation, and ability to speak fluently in a variety of situations
  2. ESL 617 Lessons with Laughter
  3. ESL 625 Introduction to Political Science

Minimum 12 students are required for a new course to be opened. Please contact the Admissions Office via email (email: [email protected]) to specify your course choice and for more information.