Online Political Science Degree: All You Need To Know


Choosing a major in line with one’s interests will help graduates land fulfilling jobs. Getting into politics might be helpful for those who like to anticipate the future, analyze data, test theories, and learn about politics.

Practically every element of work and living in a community has some connection to politics. A political science degree can assist you in getting ready for a job or further education in the public sector, politics, law, media, or some other profession.

So, here is everything you need to know about getting an online political science degree.

Why Get a Political Science Degree

Since it deals with timeless topics in world philosophy, such as justice, rights, and the relationship between the state and the person, political science is at the center of a liberal education.

Studying political science offers the chance to learn about the United States and the rest of the world. It helps students comprehend some of the most important public policy concerns. Moreover, political science offers analytical techniques that are helpful in personal and professional life, much like other social science fields.

Those who want to study politics and have the discipline to do so might consider getting their degree online. Online students often spend less on housing, moving expenses, and transportation. Some universities grant online students the same in-state tuition discount.

Many well-paid positions require a background in political science. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projections, political science employment will grow to 6%. With an online political science program, students who are also working professionals can enjoy flexibility. Graduates of web-based programs often have comparable possibilities for promotion because both follow rigorous curricula.

Let’s see what you can expect to learn in a political science online program.

What Do You Learn in a Political Science Degree?


Through their studies, political science students gain knowledge of policies, political forecasts, and political views. Many of the courses in this major promote class discussion and critical thinking. The online program covers various related topics, such as government, law, public opinion, public opinion polls, war, welfare, and elections.

Additionally, political science majors can work in various public and private sector positions because they acquire broadly applicable skills, such as written and oral communication. Students put their presentation skills to the test by submitting articles for publication and keeping a close eye on the news. Although many internships provide pay in addition to the credit, some programs may demand an internship for class credit.

Some courses that can be included in the curriculum are:

  • American Foreign Policy
  • State and Community Politics
  • Political Parties in the United States

How Long Does It Take To Complete an Online Political Science Degree?

Online political science degrees typically take four years to finish for full-time students, similar to the length of most bachelor’s programs. Typically, a program has 120 credits, 60 of which are core courses, 42 general education credits, and 18 elective credits.

You may also be required to take part in an elective or obligatory internship experience. A few potential internship locations include congressional offices, regional government organizations, political campaigns, think tanks, and neighborhood nonprofits.

How Much Does an Online Political Science Degree Cost?


There is no fixed program cost, as several variables affect how much an online political science degree will cost. State residency is a crucial factor to consider because many schools and institutions charge more for out-of-state students.

Some institutions, however, impose a set tuition fee for all online learners, regardless of residence. Another essential cost is technology expenses, which frequently only apply to students who attend classes online rather than in person.

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An online political science degree typically costs $620 per credit. Tuition costs for students should be up to $75.000.

How Much Do Political Science Majors Make?

The BLS provides insightful information about the political science industry, including information on wages for various political science positions. The average income for political scientists is $122,510 per year. This will highly depend on the years of experience you bring to the table.

Income is affected by several variables, including employer type and location. Generally speaking, professionals with greater experience earn more than entry-level employees. Political scientists who work for local governments in remote areas may make less money than those who work for themselves in big cities.

People who desire to make more money might choose to continue their studies beyond a political science bachelor’s degree. By obtaining certificates, which we cover in a later part, political scientists may also be able to raise their salaries.


An online political science degree can be the starting point for a highly paid career in public, corporate, nonprofit, or educational sectors. Examples of potential job titles are policy analyst, communications director, public relations specialist, legislative assistant, and market research analyst.


This online bachelor’s degree can also help you get ready for graduate work in political science or law. You can earn these great job opportunities without changing location or quitting your current job.


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