Is Majoring in Political Science Worth It?


If you have decided to pursue a college degree but you are still not set on a major, we suggest majoring in political science. Now, chances are you might have already checked it off the list because it has the word ‘politics’ on it, but through this article, you will come to know a degree in political science is applicable to various fields outside of politics.

What Is Political Science?

Categorized under the branch of social sciences, political science is the study of politics and all things related. More specifically, political science is concerned with governance, political systems, and constitutional law and the correlation between them and society.

What Jobs Can You Get as a Political Science Major?

What distinguishes a degree is the type of knowledge and the special skill set you end up with when you graduate. Political science as a major is recognized as one of the most versatile majors in terms of job prospects after graduation. Apart from the thorough theoretical part of the studies, in a political science program, students are endowed with an array of hard and soft skills that are essential in professions across many fields. These skills include data analysis, verbal and written communication skills, critical thinking, etc. Such a skillset makes you qualified for various jobs, making it easier to get into politics and even lays the foundation for a possible career change.

Depending on the type of degree (associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate) you obtain, you might qualify for the following positions:

Policy analyst


Given the fact that political science majors study public policy, how the proposal came to be, and its effect on society-becoming a policy analyst is one of the obvious career paths for political science majors. Through thorough analytical skills they develop during their studies, policy analysts are able to research proposals for public policy and work out strong and convincing arguments that are pro or against said policy. Still using skills that came with their political science major, they then have to persuade different parties to support their mission.

Policy analyst salary

According to data collected from PayScale, a policy analyst has a median annual salary of roughly $60,000k in 2021.

Public relations specialist

A career as a public relations specialist can be very diverse in terms of the clients you work with, meaning it does not have to be related to politics per se. As a public relations specialist, one helps maintain their client’s public image. They are concerned with how to present their client before the public in the best way possible, by researching the public’s opinion, organizing their client’s public appearances, press releases, etc.

Public relations specialist salary

Public relations specialists make, on average, $61,150 annually as of May 2019, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Social media manager


Because we live in the age of social media, perhaps the quickest way to influence public opinion is through social media sites. A social media manager’s position is similar to that of a public relations specialist in the sense that they help maintain their client’s public image but through their knowledge and use of social media.

Social media manager salary

As of 2021, the median salary for social media managers is a little over $60,000, according to PayScale.

Political consultant

And perhaps the most politics-related career a political science major can pursue is that of a political consultant. As per the job’s title, a political consultant is a great asset to a political candidate when running for office. Through their knowledge of politics and public opinion as well as strategies they learned in their studies, political consultants are able to influence the people’s opinion in favor of their clients.

Political consultant salary

According to Glassdoor, a political consultant’s average salary is approximately $80,000 annually as of December 2021.

Is Political Science an Easy Major?


What people consider easy and difficult may vary depending on the person, so there is really no way of giving an absolute answer to this question. But there are some factors we can analyze that might help you come to a conclusion on your own. In regards to college education, some people consider a program that is longer than four years to be difficult. Others may focus on the coursework required to obtain the degree. A two-part and perhaps too simplistic answer to this question might be:

  1. Yes, it is easy if we consider the number of people that have obtained a degree in this field; and
  2. No, it isn’t easy because it is part of higher education which naturally means thorough studying of the field.

However, taking into consideration the career prospects of a political science degree, we might conclude that however difficult one might find it, it is still worth it.

Is Political Science a Good-Paying Major?

As we have mentioned above, a political science degree can lead to many career paths. These career paths differ not only according to qualification requirements but pay as well. Just like with any other major, job prospects after graduation vary according to the level of education and experience. Naturally, a higher degree like a master’s or a Ph.D. pays better than just a bachelor’s- which can only grant you entry-level types of jobs. Another factor In terms of numbers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a political scientist in 2020 was $125,350, with an estimated job outlook growth of 9%.

Why Get a Political Science Degree at BAU?

If you think you have been convinced to pursue a degree in political science, BAU offers a great Political Science & International Relations undergraduate program.

What makes our program better than others?

Firstly, our university strongly believes in affordable, high-quality education. This is made possible through our reasonably-priced tuition and the scholarships we offer our students. A college degree’s worth lies as much on the knowledge you acquire while studying as does on the skills you gain and the connections you make. These qualities usually go hand-in-hand at the BAU. Last but not least, where better to study politics than right here in Washington D.C.?

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