Political Science Degree: Career Path Opportunities


If you are wondering what you can do with a political science degree, the answer is that there are many possibilities. A political science degree opens doors to several career paths.

What Is Political Science?

Political science focuses on how leaders get and maintain power, how social movements start, and how governments and other establishments can be run. It aims to analyze and predict critical issues affecting our daily lives, including terrorism, climate change, civil rights, and international relations.

Political science programs explain why voters favor one political candidate over another and enable students to make educated predictions about the outcomes of democratic elections. Undergraduate programs usually have a more general focus and include overview classes on a variety of topics.

What Can You Do With A Political Science Degree?

Political science is one of the most versatile degrees when it comes to job opportunities. Even if you don’t aspire to work in politics, political science can be a solid foundation for many careers. Undergraduate students can find jobs in a variety of fields such as:

  • Consulting
  • Business
  • The public sector
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Advocacy
  • Government
  • International affairs
  • Research

Political Science and International Relations Jobs


If you decide to study political science, you will have numerous career options open after graduation. These are some of the most sought-after jobs:

1. Political Consultant

Political consultants use the knowledge they acquired during their studies to develop strategies for candidates, motivate voters, and win support in their campaigns for office.

What does a political consultant do?

A political consultant’s job description consists of:

  • Help to brand candidates and
  • Repair damaged reputations
  • Attempt to influence media coverage by presenting a positive performance of the candidate
  • Survey possible voters to observe the basis of their opinion on the candidate

Political Consultant Salary

Glassdoor estimates that political consultants earn an average of $77,368.

2. Political Campaign Staff Member

Political staff members who have studied political science can use their knowledge of political issues to assess voter reactions to a candidate’s platform.

What do political campaign staff do?

Political campaign staff members tasked with:

  • Helping to formulate and execute campaign strategy
  • Working build the candidates brand or  public image
  • Writing press releases and help draft speeches
  • Managing the candidate’s social media imprint
  • Organizing events to gain publicity for candidates
  • Recruiting,, training, and overseeing volunteers
  • Raising money to fund the campaign

Political Campaign Staff Salary

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual pay for the political campaign staff in the United States is $35,994 a year.

3. Legislative Assistant

Officials of government hire assistants to help them to carry out their duties. Political science majors can put their acquired writing and verbal skills to coordinate communication with members of a constituency and inform them about developments within their district.

What does a legislative assistant do

Legislative assistants duties are:

  • Researching policy issues,
  • Tracking legislation
  • Surveying the positions of other legislators
  • Preparing briefings for their representative and other office staff

Legislative Assistant Salary

According to PayScale, legislative assistants earn an average of $40,299.

4. Public Relations Specialist

Political science majors develop the writing skills needed to draft compelling press releases and the persuasive skills to assert the benefits of covering a particular story.

What does a public relations specialist do

A PR specialist’s job description includes:

  • Organizing and publicizing press conferences
  • Gaining insight into the process and mechanics of organizing public appearances by government representatives
  • Growing, shaping and maintaining a client’s reputation
  • Identifying media opportunities
  • Maintaining existing media relations

PR Specialist Salary

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a public relations specialist is $44,836 in the United States.

5. Marketing Research Analyst

Political science majors study survey research and opinion polling in campaigning. Market researchers often survey consumer reactions to potential or current products and services.

What does a marketing research analyst do?

Market research analysts work on tasks such as:

  • Drawing scientifically viable studies
  • Presenting findings to clients
  • Backing up recommendations with data
  • Analyzing how consumers might respond to products or services

Marketing Research Analyst Salary

The national average salary for a market research analyst is $53,712 in the United States.

6. Policy Analyst

political-science-international-relations jobs

The role of policy analysts is a natural application of their work as a student. They rely on practical critical thinking, writing, and research skills to formulate statements about the impact of proposals for public policy.

What does a policy analyst do?

Policy analysts duties are mainly to:

  • Influence political and social events
  • Attract the support of people who can help advance initiatives
  • Evaluate the effects of recommended legislation

Policy analyst Salary

According to PayScale, the average salary for a policy analyst is $59,135.

7. Paralegal

Paralegals are employed by a lawyer, law corporation, or a governmental agency to perform specifically assigned substantive legal work for which a lawyer is responsible.

What does a paralegal staff do?

Paralegals are assigned administrative tasks such as:

  • Billing
  • Writing letters
  • Organizing files, organize meetings and calendars
  • Write first drafts and proofread documents
  • Write reports
  • Conduct legal research

Paralegal Salary

According to Glassdoor the average salary for a Paralegal is $50,169 in the United States.

8. Arbitrator

With a political science degree, an arbitrator has a better understanding of how to bring separate parties together in a way that is beneficial to both parties.

What does an arbitrator do?

An arbitrator’s responsibilities are:

  • To resolve conflicts outside of the courts
  • Organize the meetings
  • Guide long-term communication
  • Summarise every side’s situation in a written document

Arbitrator Salary

The median salary of an arbitrator in the United States is $59,770.

As you can see, there are a plethora of opportunities that come if you obtain a Political Science Degree and International Relations at Bay Atlantic University. If you’re not quite sure yet or want additional information, contact us at any time. We’re here to answer all your questions.

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