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The University participates in a Strategic Planning effort every 3-5 years. These initiatives and strategies are reviewed annually through the annual assessment/planning meeting. The strategic planning steps are:

  • In consultation with the Board of Trustees, the president sets a vision for the next cycle. The President and staff typically have a retreat or meeting with to develop initiatives for the next cycle.
  • Initiatives are communicated to the University constituents. It is crucial that the initiatives are communicated to department prior to development of department level planning and budgeting. Updates to the plan are published.
  • At the end of the year, results are reported on the progress of the initiatives at the annual planning and assessment meeting.

The development of the 2023-2026 Strategic Plan best exemplifies the planning, budgeting, and evaluation process supported by sufficient resources. Led by the president, endorsed by the Board of Trustees, and charged to the office of Institutional Effectiveness, the current plan involved participation from all employees of the University as well as four students. The students were selected to represent both undergraduate and graduate populations. The result is a strategic plan endorsed by all and deeply rooted in measuring fulfillment of the mission with measurable metrics aligned to student success and the key factors of a new generation university.

2023-2026 Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2017-2022 Outcomes

Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Department level Planning & Outcomes Assessment

  • All departments (academic, co-curricular support services and programs) develop action plans to support the strategies. All budget requests must be made through action plans.
  • Action plans are delivered throughout the academic and fiscal year.
  • Outcomes/objectives are then assessed throughout the fiscal year.
  • Findings and reporting are submitted to the Institutional Effectiveness Committee using the Action Plan Progress Report in August of each year.


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