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Ingrained in the University core values are BAU’s Institutional Student Learning Objectives (ISLO) which focus on the general knowledge and skills that all graduates demonstrate.

I Master Foundational Skills with broad and integrated knowledge (Academic Achievement)

i Apply critical thinking to analyze, integrate, and evaluate information.
ii Make informed decisions using numeric and scientific information.
iii Communicate with clarity and precision using oral, nonverbal, and/or written language, expressing an awareness of audience, situation, and purpose.

II Develop Professional Competence through specialized knowledge (Academic Achievement)

i Demonstrate a depth of knowledge in their program of study.
ii Use the tools, terminology, and methods related to their program of study.
iii Apply the standards and practices of their program of study.

III Develop an Understanding of Civic Values to be a responsible citizen and make ethical decisions. (Integrity)

i Evaluate the social, economic, political, and environmental consequences impacting sustainability.
ii Demonstrate knowledge and capacity to engage in civic, social, and political activities needed to be a responsible citizen and make ethical decisions.

IV Strengthen the Capacity to Interact with others both domestically and globally (Diversity, Respect)

i Build an understanding of others whose identities, beliefs, behaviors, values, and perspectives that differ from their own. (Diversity)
ii Apply multidisciplinary perspectives to gain new insights into domestic and global issues. (Diversity)
iii Demonstrate teamwork skills that enable collaboration to develop and sustain mutually beneficial relationships. (Respect)

Consistent with the mission and the commitment to continuous improvement. Each ISLO is mapped to the curriculum and assessed for annually to evaluate and improve program success.



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