16 Highest-Paying Business Degrees to Set You Up for Success


If you’re looking to pursue a career in business and want to maximize your earning potential, you need to know which graduate degrees will give you the most significant return on investment. In this blog, we’ll go through some of the highest-paying business degrees that can set you up for success. Read on to find out which those are.

Why Study a Business Degree?

A business degree is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a degree that offers endless personal and professional growth opportunities. A business degree can give you a strong foundation of knowledge and skills highly valued in today’s fast-paced and competitive job market.

Studying for a business degree gives you the tools and confidence to become a successful entrepreneur, business leader, or industry expert. You will comprehensively understand various business disciplines such as finance, marketing, management, and accounting. You will also learn how to apply these principles in real-world scenarios.

Whether you’re interested in starting your own business, working for a top corporation, or pursuing a career in the non-profit sector, a business degree will open doors to various exciting and fulfilling opportunities. So, if you’re looking for a degree that will challenge, inspire, and set you up for success, look no further than a business degree.

16 Highest-Paying Business Degrees


Business major students enjoy a wide range of career opportunities. This is because business degrees or majors are very practical in nature. Let’s dive into the highest-paying business degrees you should consider if you want to become financially successful.


A job in marketing involves promoting products or services to potential customers. Marketing professionals use a variety of tactics to reach their audience, such as:

They research consumer behavior and market trends to develop effective marketing strategies and campaigns. In addition, they work closely with sales and product teams to ensure that marketing efforts align with business objectives.

Salary: $127,150


Finance professionals manage an organization’s financial resources, including budgeting, forecasting, and analyzing financial statements. They also play a critical role in securing funding for the organization, whether through investors, loans, or other sources. Professionals in this field use financial models and metrics to evaluate the organization’s financial performance and make strategic decisions to improve profitability.

Salary: $76,570

International business

International business professionals work globally, managing business operations across different countries and cultures. They coordinate with colleagues and partners in other regions to ensure the organization’s products and services meet local needs and regulations. They also manage logistics, supply chain, and trade relationships to ensure that goods and services move efficiently across borders.

Salary: $95,007



Managers are responsible for overseeing a team or department within an organization. More often than not, they do the following:

  • set goals,
  • develop strategies,
  • and allocate resources to achieve business objectives.

They also coach and mentor their team members to ensure they perform at their best. In addition, managers are responsible for making tough decisions and solving problems that arise within their area of responsibility.

Salary: $102,450

Human resources management

Human resources managers are responsible for:

  • recruiting,
  • training,
  • and retaining employees.

They create job descriptions, post job openings, and conduct interviews to find the best candidates for each position. They also develop training programs and career development plans to help employees grow. Additionally, they manage employee benefits, compensation, and performance evaluations.

Salary: $126,230


Accountants manage an organization’s financial records, ensuring that all transactions are recorded accurately and in compliance with accounting standards. They prepare financial statements, balance sheets, and income statements to help the organization understand its financial performance. They also manage payroll, taxes, and other financial obligations.

Salary: $77,250


A career in logistics involves managing the movement of goods and services from one location to another. Logistics professionals work with suppliers, transportation providers, and customers to ensure that products are delivered on time and in good condition. They also manage inventory levels and coordinate with sales and operations teams to ensure the organization meets customer demand.

Salary: $77,030



E-commerce professionals manage an organization’s online sales channels, including websites, mobile apps, and social media platforms. They develop strategies to increase online sales and engagement, including digital marketing campaigns and user experience design. They also manage online payments, shipping, and returns to ensure a smooth customer experience.

Salary: $68,900


Entrepreneurship involves creating, developing, and managing a business venture, often to make a profit. Entrepreneurs are typically responsible for identifying opportunities, developing business plans, securing funding, building a team, and managing day-to-day operations. They must possess strong leadership, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills to navigate the challenges of starting and growing a business.

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Salary: $46,550

Construction management

Construction management is coordinating and supervising a construction project from start to finish. Construction managers are responsible for budgeting, scheduling, and ensuring the project gets completed within budget. They must have a strong understanding of building codes and regulations and experience managing subcontractors, construction crews, and vendors.

Salary: $98,890

Project management

Project management involves overseeing a project from its inception to completion. Project managers are responsible for planning, scheduling, and executing projects on time, within scope, and within budget. They must have excellent communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills to ensure all stakeholders are informed and engaged throughout the project.

Salary: $94,500

Organizational leadership


Organizational leadership is leading and directing individuals toward a common goal or objective. Leaders must possess a strong vision, inspire and motivate others, and be able to create and implement strategies to achieve organizational goals. They must also manage change effectively and communicate effectively with all stakeholders.

Salary: $52,597


Economics studies how individuals and societies allocate scarce resources to meet their needs and wants. Economists analyze market trends, production and consumption patterns, and the impact of policies on economic outcomes. They must possess strong analytical and quantitative skills and an understanding of economic theory and principles.

Salary: $105,630

Healthcare management

Healthcare management involves administering and managing healthcare organizations, such as hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities. Healthcare managers are responsible for ensuring that their organizations provide high-quality care, are financially sustainable, and comply with regulatory requirements. They must possess strong leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills to navigate the complex healthcare industry.

Salary: $101,340 

Investments and Securities

Investments and securities involve the buying and selling of financial assets, such as stocks, bonds, and commodities. Investment professionals are responsible for analyzing market trends, assessing risk, and identifying investment opportunities. They must possess strong analytical and quantitative skills and an understanding of financial markets and investment strategies.

Salary: $66,968

Labor and industrial relations

Labor and industrial relations involve negotiating and managing relationships between employers, employees, and labor unions. Professionals in this field must possess strong communication and negotiation skills and an understanding of labor laws and regulations. They are responsible for ensuring that workplace conditions are safe and that employees are treated fairly and equitably.

Salary: $71,147


From finance and accounting to management and marketing, these degrees offer a range of lucrative career paths that will help you climb the corporate ladder and achieve financial freedom. So, whether you’re a recent high school graduate or a seasoned professional looking to make a career change, these are the business degrees that pay off big!

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