Feedback From Parents Regarding Online Classes


The transition to online learning, particularly when Covid-19 struck, had an impact not only on students but also on their parents since having their children study at home added additional duties for them. Since then, online learning has grown in popularity, and parents are now divided into two groups: those who love online learning and those who don’t.

To better comprehend their perspectives and opinions, let’s look at the online classes feedback from parents of both groups.

What Do Parents Love About Online Learning?


Overall, parents support online learning because they have seen the benefits an online program offers. They have seen their children plan study time around the rest of their day, have better concentration, and balance both study and work, and for them, this proves that the impact of online learning is just as significant as that of traditional education.

Here are some aspects of online learning parents seem to love.

It’s good for students with social difficulties

Students who find it difficult to interact and communicate with others might face challenges with traditional learning. This doesn’t mean that online learning does not require students to collaborate with their peers; however, they get to do so in the comfort of their homes.

This advantage has also been seen as beneficial by the parents. They notice their kids’ confidence and focus have increased when the burden of social, face-to-face interaction is lifted off their shoulders.

They can learn at their own pace

The thing parents love most about online learning is customized learning. This means students can take time to figure out what works best for them, their learning style, and at what learning pace they show the best results.

Additionally, there is a diversity of students in traditional classes, and not all learn the same way. So having a hard time keeping a gifted student engaged or a struggling one up to speed is a significant problem that is avoided through e-learning.

It offers flexibility


E-learning is flexible in every possible way. Not only are students able to pick times and dates that best suit their needs, but also the perfect learning environment. They can study from the comfort of their homes, a coffee shop, or even while on a family vacation.

The flexibility of online classes has been a big game-changer for parents as well. Because of it, students can spend more time with their families without the fear of neglecting their responsibilities related to school or work.

Parents can offer more support

Now that their kids are studying at home, parents might feel they can offer more support. However, parents should remember that their kids can handle their schooling and do not need someone hovering over them all the time.

To show extra support is to understand that students are stressed, respect their space, and not pressure them with family activities (unless they want to participate).

It saves money

One big advantage of online schooling, especially if you are financing your child’s education, is the cost. Parents are relieved of paying extra money for their children to study abroad. E-learning programs are cheaper, and everything is available at no cost, from online classes to improving online textbooks knowledge and skills.

What Do Parents Not Like About Online Learning?

While online learning has many benefits, it also has some drawbacks. Parents have many concerns, from online education and its credibility to the mental impact it might have on their children.

Here are some reasons why parents don’t like online learning.

It can be isolating


The virtual school can be isolating for extroverted students who love to engage in sports, meetings, clubs, and the social world of school. Parents worry that their kids being cut off from social interaction will potentially affect their mental health.

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However, this is not necessarily true since e-learning offers different forums where students can communicate with peers, work together on assigned projects, or have group presentations through Zoom.

It gives too much freedom to those who don’t like school

Another factor some parents don’t appreciate about online education is the freedom it provides. At their age, there are so many exciting things they could be doing other than standing in front of a computer for hours. They believe that for those students who don’t like school, having this freedom will decrease their desire to study.

Some parents are skeptical about the effectiveness of online learning

And lastly, parents are skeptical about the overall performance of the online institution. They are not convinced that online can be as good as a brick-and-mortar education.

Parents worry about the accreditation of online institutions, the quality of the program, and, evidently, whether that online degree is acceptable on the job market. Nonetheless, these are just misconceptions surrounding online education. Help your children find accredited online schools, and you are guaranteed quality and employment.


The decision of students to study remotely will eventually affect their parents as well. While some of them love this new learning approach, others hesitate. Whether you love online education or feel skeptical about it, it is important that you support your children through their e-learning journey and make sure they do their best.


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