What Can You Do With a Business Degree in 2023?


With great business knowledge, come great opportunities. Flexible, versatile, and far-reaching, a business degree is a perfect launching pad for a great variety of career opportunities. Business majors gain the knowledge and develop many hard and soft skills that enable them to make valuable contributions to a variety of business settings. They learn to plan, organize, solve problems, quantify sets of data, assess financial impact decisions and so much more.

To help you get a better understanding of what can you do with  business degree, we’ve compiled a list of few options that offer both excellent pay and help you thrive in the complex world of business.

Jobs You Can Get with a Business Degree

When deciding on a major, you can’t go wrong with a business degree. Those who decide to pursue this degree will often find they have an infinite number of career options. Jobs for business majors range from human resources management to market research analyst and everything in between, the opportunities are nearly endless. Other business degree jobs include the following :

Account manager

If you enjoy being around people, building relationships, and maintaining reciprocally valuable partnerships between businesses and clients, then you will do well in this position. An account manager helps organizations with the financial aspects of business, including transactions, managing of accounts, and financial statements. They take care of their client’s operations, find ways to save money, and maximize their profits.

As an account manager, you’d need to spend time on one-on-one interaction with clients, ensure that their needs are being met, and provide additional services that help clients make sound decisions about their investments.

Human resources specialist


If being good with people is your strongest suit, considering a career in human resources would be another great career for a high-paying job. A human resources specialist is responsible for recruiting, hiring, and retention of employees as well as helping with personnel management and executing contracts. In addition, as a human resources specialist, you would need to mediate and settle employee conflicts and aid in training and assisting the staff.

Doing all this involves an understanding of how a company operates and a basic knowledge of employment laws and company regulations.

Marketing and Advertising

Almost all companies, regardless of size, rely on marketing and advertising departments. Business graduates, particularly those with a bit of creative flair, are well prepared for a marketing and advertising role since they already gained analysis and reporting skills. They can devise marketing strategies, conduct marketing research, manage client relationships, cooperate with copywriters and designers and oversee a team of marketers.

Business majors often see themselves landing on media and the entertainment world. Many entertainment companies require personnel with business experience to operate the more practical part of the business.

Business analyst


If you’re interested in putting your business expertise to good use by observing the market and business trends, a career as a business advisor could be for you. Companies need business analysts to assist them to enhance their processes and systems. They undertake research and systematic analysis to bring answers to business challenges and assist in the implementation of these systems into organizations and their customers. This is a position that demands a combination of excellent business acumen, research skills, keen communication skills, and analytical skills to present findings and promote growth and success.

Financial analyst

Financial analysts play an important role in the day-to-day operations of a company. Despite being in charge of a company’s financial planning and analysis, a financial analyst pores over data to find opportunities and assess outcomes for business decisions and capital budgeting for projects. They analyze lots of financial data to come up with decisions on how a company should move forward. They make recommendations based on general economic conditions and internal data, such as selling stocks or making other investments.

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If a career as a financial analyst is what you dream of, you would benefit from the coursework in accounting, finance, and mathematics which are generally part of a business degree.

Business teacher

Business majors who are also certified in teaching can carry out this role. They would work with high school students and teach courses in business administration and management including principles of marketing, and the financial aspects of a business. Business teachers may also work with students in professional and technical education programs, as well as in college or university business departments.

To engage students, strong verbal communication and interpersonal skills are essential. To be a successful teacher, you must plan and offer engaging lessons. Therefore, before landing a job as a business teacher, think about whether teaching is something you’d like to pursue and whether that fits your career plans.

Start your own business

With a business degree, you will be well-prepared to start your own company or business. Majoring in business can help you create a thriving business on your own and assist you with many aspects of entrepreneurship. Whether you’re starting a pizza parlor or a multimillion-dollar company, having an education in business will be invaluable.

As a business graduate, you have a wide range of career options available to you, and employers will be impressed with your specific business skills. If you capitalize on your skills correctly, you could start a career in any of the above sectors. Take time to consider which of these sectors fits with your career plans and work towards it.

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