Types of Cyber Security Roles


With more and more information moving online, the demand for cybersecurity jobs is also increasing. Cybersecurity professionals are responsible for taking measures to protect their organization’s data and information from attacks by cyber threats and hackers. They usually work in the security team with other IT specialists.

In this article, we’ll look into many roles available for cybersecurity professionals, what are the benefits of studying cybersecurity, and more.

What Is Cybersecurity?


Cybersecurity refers to protecting computer systems and sensitive information from digital attacks or cyber threats such as malware, viruses, worms, trojan horses, etc. Effective cybersecurity measures to combat threats against network systems and applications regardless of their origin (be it from inside or outside of an organization). They also protect sensitive information, which is crucial for companies to build customer trust.

What Are the Benefits of Working in Cybersecurity?


As a growing industry, working in the cybersecurity field comes with many benefits, such as:

  • Job security and growth
  • The chance to work remotely or on location
  • High salary
  • Diverse job opportunities
  • The opportunity to master new skills necessary in the field
  • Ability to explore self-employment
  • Good work/life balance

Types of Cyber Security Roles


If you’re ready to get started in the field, here are 12 types of cybersecurity roles with their different duties and salaries.

Information security analyst

Salary: $90,657

Information security analysts are essential security team members responsible for helping protect a company’s computer networks and systems. Some of their daily duties include:

  • Developing strategies to help the company remain secure
  • Keeping up-to-date with IT security trends
  • Investigating, documenting, and reporting security breaches and threats

Digital forensic examiner

Salary: $81,410

Digital forensic examiners are highly competent professionals responsible for solving how a cybercrime was committed, who was responsible, and what kind of data was compromised. They dive deep into software and programs to trace the source of a digital breach and help recover data. Some of their duties include:

  • Identifying system vulnerabilities
  • Providing expert testimony about the digital evidence
  • Writing investigative reports
  • Gathering and maintaining evidence
  • Reporting findings to authorities.

IT auditor

Salary: $109,861

IT auditors are professionals responsible for reviewing and ensuring that a company’s IT tech systems run accurately and efficiently. They’re also responsible for identifying issues, proposing solutions, and updating systems to ensure compliance with security protocols. Some types of audits they may perform depending on the company they work for are:

  • Technological innovation audit
  • Technological position audit
  • Innovative comparison audit
  • System development audit

Security systems administrator

Salary: $96,756

Security systems administrators are essential members of a company’s IT department. They’re responsible for implementing and managing various security measures (firewalls, anti-virus software, encryption tools, etc.) to maintain the security and integrity of a company’s computer systems and networks. Some of their duties include:

  • Monitoring network traffic and system logs
  • Conducting regular security assessments
  • Responding to security incidents
  • Managing and configuring security systems

IT security specialist

Salary: $82,350

IT security specialists are IT professionals with in-depth knowledge of cyber security threats to ensure computer systems are protected. They are responsible for monitoring security breaches and responding to cyber-attacks. Some of their duties include:

  • Performing risk assessments on security measures
  • Implementing and monitoring computer anti-virus and malware protection systems
  • Keeping backup files of all important data on the shared corporate network
  • Encrypting data transmissions and erecting firewalls to conceal confidential information

Security engineer

Salary: $152,157

Security engineers are part of the security team and are responsible for developing, deploying, and maintaining a company’s security protocols. Although this role is quite broad, some of their duties include:

  • Setting up and maintaining security infrastructure hardware
  • Decreasing security vulnerabilities and automating repetitive operations
  • Providing technical solutions and utilizing new security technologies
  • Determining and specifying the objectives for system security

Security architect


Salary: $132,623

Security architects are professionals responsible for designing robust security structures that prevent malware attacks. Some of their duties include:

  • Developing project timelines for ongoing system upgrades
  • Conducting regular system tests
  • Ensuring continuous monitoring of network security
  • Responding to all security incidents and delivering thorough post-event analyses
  • Planning and designing resistant security architecture for various IT projects
  • Investigating the latest security standards, recent security systems, and renewed authentication protocols.

Chief information officer (CIO)

Salary: $173,644

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CIOs are executive members responsible for managing and implementing computer and IT systems in a company. Some of their duties include:

  • Managing the IT department
  • Overseeing new network and system implementations
  • Delegating tasks to increase productivity
  • Strategizing and creating solutions as per the company’s needs
  • Developing business relationships with IT vendors

Network security engineer

Salary: $129,888

Network security engineers are critical security team members involved in provisioning, configuring, administrating security-related parts of the network, software, and hardware. Their duties include:

  • Implementing virus detection systems
  • Tracking vulnerable scripts
  • Maintaining LAN, WLAN, and architecture of the server according to the business policy
  • Developing the security authentication protocol

Machine learning engineer

Salary: $109,298

Machine learning engineers are essential data science team members responsible for researching, building, and designing the AI responsible for machine learning. They’re also responsible for maintaining and improving existing AI systems. Some of their duties include:

  • Performing statistical analyses
  • Running AI systems experiments and tests
  • Designing and developing machine learning systems
  • Implementing machine learning algorithms

Malware analyst

Salary: $98,178

Malware analysts work in computer and network security and are responsible for examining, identifying, and understanding the nature of cyber threats (viruses, bots, worms, etc.). Some of the daily duties of malware analysts include:

  • Classifying malware based on characteristics and threats
  • Writing alerted to keep the security team informed
  • Preventing the spread of malware
  • Creating documentation for security policies.

Cybersecurity manager

Salary: $108,602

Cybersecurity managers are professionals responsible for monitoring the information inflows in and out of an IT network and identifying measures to protect the integrity of a company’s data. Some of their daily duties include:

  • Implementing security systems (firewalls and data encryption, and data protection controls)
  • Automating security controls, data, and processes
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity technologies and standards
  • Conducting vulnerability tests
  • Identifying and addressing any weaknesses in the system.


A career in cybersecurity can be interesting and fulfilling, open many job opportunities, and give you a chance to make a difference in the industry. It also has a promising job outlook as the BLS reports that security analysts’ employment is projected to increase 35% this decade. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity, check out our program Master of Science in Cyber Security, and feel free to request more information here!

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