2022 Summer Camps for Teens

Bay Atlantic University is offering exciting and fun camps for teens this summer!​ 

Are you ready to make a bigger difference on the environmental and sustainability causes you care about ? DC Environmental Advocacy Youth Camp is a week-long, in-residency training camp in Washington, DC. It is designed to invest in the future of our youth by educating students on environmental stewardship to racial inequality, along with how to advocate for their earth and serve their communities.

The Goal of this summer camp is:

• Offer an experiential learning experience through field trips, service projects and advocacy field work
• Train students about, designing, and/or participating in climate solutions in their homes and communities
• Educate students on how to advocate, coordinate and/or implement community-level solutions through policy, design plans, facilitated community forums, or other community-based strategies
• To inspire students to design green infrastructure, such as developing new technology, designing new systems, building engineering prototypes, advancing clean transportation

Students will present their advocacy *At the end of the camp and receive a Bay Atlantic environmental advocate youth certificate upon completing the program. 

Meet The Instructors

Ateba Whitaker
Program Director & Lead Instruction
Ateba Whitaker holds a Masters of Arts in International Management, a graduate certificate in Nonprofit Management and Social Entrepreneurship, and is working on her doctorate degree. Mrs.Whitaker has worked for Nike Pepsi and was the Founder of a social enterprise that fought human trafficking called Shoe Revolt. The social enterprise raised funds for organizations (i.e., GEMS-NY (www.gems-girls.org/our-mission), Courtney House- DC (www.courtneyshouse.org/), and others throughout the United States, helping victims of human trafficking by auctioning celebrity shoes. Many celebrity supporters donated personal artifacts and memorabilia. Mrs.Whiteaker was a finalist in the Women Deliver Social Enterprise sponsored by Clinton Global Initiatives, Featured Innovator, and Featured Change Maker by ABCs 14C Campaign and featured on MTV, MTV Exit, and MTV Act. Currently, Mrs. Whiteaker is a Bay Atlantic University Faculty Member and the Founder of Unreasonable Kids College, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, social entrepreneurial educational program training the next generation of Kid-Superheroes. Unreasonable Kids see opportunities where adults see problems. The goal is to create opportunities for kids to tackle poverty, hunger, environmental issues, and others set by the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Unreasonable Kids creates a safe, peer-to-peer, coach-led environment to facilitate and inspire world changers as they learn how to fight, like a superhero, for good.
Isha Clarke
Youth Instructor:
Isha Clarke believes it is essential to pair environmental activism with environmental justice to create a just and equitable world while maintaining a livable climate. She first made headlines asking California senator Dianne Feinstein to support a Green New Deal. Isha is a high school student borm, raised, and educated in Oakland, CA, passionate about intersectional activism. She knows that environmental threats disproportionately affect people of color, low-income folks, and young people. Isha is a  Co-founder of YVA and loves to dance, write the spoken word, and listen to music. Before they became organizers, they believed that climate issues were a “white” thing centered on saving the polar bears and rainforests. They state: “I’ve since learned that climate change is the result of foundational systems of white supremacy, colonialism, capitalism, and patriarchy. We are in a state of climate crisis because  communities of color, indigenous people, poor people, and many others have been deemed disposable. Climate justice is about dismantling these system of oppression. To learn more, visit www.youthvsapocalypse.org
Sarah Goody
Youth Instructor:
Sarah Goody is a 16-year-old climate activist and Founder of Climate NOW. Climate NOW is an international youth-led organization focused on educating and empowering young people to take climate action. Climate NOW was founded in 2019 and has since worked with over 10,000 youth from across the word and presented to over 70 K-12 schools from around the worlds. Sarah is the chair of the Core Madera Climate Action Committee: she is making history the youngest person to chair a committee in her town. Sarah has spoken at schools and rallies and has appeared on podcasts and shows as a guest speaker. She is a published author in Teen Vogue and The San Francisco Chronicle. In 2020 Sarah received the princess Diana Award, the highest accolade a young person can achieve for social action or humanitarian efforts. To learn more, visit www.sarah-goody.com 

Program Fee*: $999

(Early Bird Special: $899 If you sign up before April 4, 2022) 

What is included:

• Room and Board
• Three meals a day
• Airport pick up and drop off, along with daily local transportation.

What is not included:

• Flight tickets
• Visa fees
• Health Insurance (Students should arrange their health insurance before coming to the US.)